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The Death of an unclaimed superstar (dementedchains) wrote,
@ 2004-04-29 07:29:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:talking to Incredible Hulk

    Ack.......So angry
    I am so angry right now. I mean this chic sam is pissing me off. She is a really preppy girl (you know the one that tries so desperately hard to act like she's "punK") Well anyways she has this habbit of being a little two-face bitch..hehe. And she was talking about this girl whose a little fat and talking about how she shouldn't wear what she wears so i was like first of all at least she wears whatever she wants to instead of conforming into some stupid trend and then i was like you shouldn't talk about her like she's not a person. And this chic has been so nice to me and stuff so thats why i stuck up for her. And then in the gym locker room sam was talking about how transvestites were so nasty so i yelled at her yet again for judging AND stereotyping a group of people she didn't know let alone even interacted with. Then when I leave I shouted " Oh no how dare someone be different instead of a mindless conformist like you!" IT was great then she started talking shit about me saying just because idress differently doesn't mean that i have to act like a freak and stuff like that. I know this sounds weird but i would actually feel better if she stood up for herself for once. I mean then at least i would have some form of respect for her instead of just thinking she's a little backstabbing weasel. Well thats about all thats going on right now .Not much else
    sincerely dead,
    I Love you Addy

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