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The Death of an unclaimed superstar (dementedchains) wrote,
@ 2004-03-19 06:51:00
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    Current mood: scared
    Current music:just two guys in here talking

    bored yet again in the computer lab
    Yes i am sitting here once again in the computer lab bored as hell. I haven't seen wedensday in a while and i want to see her this weekend but i can't because she has this whole saturday school thing so i'm just going over to joey's like i always do. I'm all alone in here Emily isn't here yet ....I had another nightmare last night and it was horrible I was walking with emily, becca, and ben and they were all telling me i hate you and stuff like that so i started crying and then next thing you know becca's yelling at me and telling me to go kill myself and saying how she'd do it for me. So I just ran away from them and then later on I came back and saw emily and ben making out behind a tree so I killed her.......I don't know why I just did Then I chased becca down and killed her too. It was so horrible to see your only friends(at maury) die right in front of your eyes and then to know that you killed them with your own savage hand makes it even more traumatizing. Well I hope I don't having anymore nightmares they are starting to disturb me but oh well I'm crazy anyways
    sincerely dead,
    i LoVe WeDeNsDaY

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