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Willow Mae (demented_faerie) wrote,
@ 2005-07-05 17:27:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:Welcome to Kanagawa: Pacific Overtures

    So today after class I biked to the post office to get more money (it:s amazing how quickly one goes through it) and got out enough to pay back Jen for the $100 she lent me. Then I went to the U Store to get some more groceries. There I saw a few people from the school and waved, and then lent Svi $100 because he was out of cash and needed to pay for his groceries, and I:ll get that back from him later. Anyway, then the two of us went to the bakery and I got some more of Japan:s delicious!bread when all of a sudden we hear one of the tenin (employees) shout "Machinasai! Dorobou wa yo!! Yamete!" Which translates to "Stop! Thief!!" The guy got tackled by the managers. Svi and I just blink at each other. Then we saw Rachel and Sunshine and talked a bit about it, and I left to meet with Onishi-sensei. On my way out I saw the thief being questioned by the managers. He waved at me. I hurried away.

    And of course, it started raining on the way back. Who would have guessed? ><

    Dana and I are going to go to the used kimono store tomorrow afternoon if it:s not raining. I shall spend fun money as a birthday present to myself and buy a yukata for the Star Festival tomorrow evening at Shiga Dai.

    Oh and it looks like maybe I:ve got a partner to do the fieldtrip with. Rominger-san doesn:t have anyone to do things with yet either, so he and I are thinking about maybe going to Hiroshima for our trip. It would be fun, I need to talk to him some more about it though, see if we can solidify some ideas.

    I should be doing MORE homework. I almost didn:t get the homework for last night finished. But oh well, I:m not letting it stress me. I:ll get things done tonight. I deserve a break right now anyway. nyah!

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