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eirelaV Abeille (deltadelta) wrote,
@ 2003-10-05 17:53:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:Hands Clean

    Blurty's so addicting...
    I've spent the last hour staring at the computer monitor when that precious time could have been used to work on my Psychology paper... goodness I'm dazed :| ..a little dizzy as well. Ken called up just now. I had a little argument about him about size (no, its not what you're thinking). Let's just post that on another entry. For now, I'll torture this journal (or you... yes you :) with another poem I wrote... it's a little vague but I don't care much for correcting the flawed areas.

    By the way, I 'killed' another person today :| (see previous entry)

    About the recesses of the plethoric sapphire
    are strewn memories effervescent with emotions---
    its a concoction resulting from elusive promises manifested by disaster.

    With the departure of the frenzied squall, I called out your name

    Bite into the softness of my voice as you have before
    and release the saccharine fumes of scarlet passion
    that will rush out to envelope our splayed glass bodies;
    it will douse us with intoxicating desire and
    fuse shards of what was once whole...

    the vicious tempest shall return.
    This star-crossed affection cannot be altered-
    Assuage the pain and leave
    to witness the dissonant colors clashing in the nostalgic sky-
    the thunderous raconteur of our desolate ardor.

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