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eirelaV Abeille (deltadelta) wrote,
@ 2003-10-02 19:53:00
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    Current mood: enthralled

    I'd kill time to have these scenes frozen in place...
    I love beautiful panoramas. They cloak my troubles-even for a short period of time- and awaken the soul within. Whenever I take a snap of a certain view, I give it part of me as well. The picture is shot- I open up, absorbing as much of the surroundings I can. Closing my eyes and unearthing the scents, textures and the overall mood it gave me, this entire body can relive the moment captured on the glossy sheet of paper. The infusion of my mind's eye and my heart forms that secret place I can escape to in times of stress. I can't get enough of these picture-taking rhapsodies. I'll be posting up shots after my roll has been developed. Until then, I've only these (fairly gorgeous) images to share::: hope you like them as much as I do :)

    7-4-03--cook out in stanford
    This was taken somewhere in Palo Alto. Notice how the sun rays are made more visible by the smoke steaming up the sky...

    boat view
    mmm... this one reminds me of the late night dive I did a months ago

    gotta love the beach
    *sigh* I want to go diving again...

    can you feel the warmth
    ...kind of makes you long for someone special to share this with... how about a hug? Come here you! **tight hug** :)

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