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chucks and trucks = love (defyauthority) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 09:05:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:vendetta red = shatterday

    h2o polo practice blows
    seriously... im super mad. this new girl came, out of nowhere and started playing goalie. yea thats right, she stole my position. like i didnt even exsist. nasty stephanie was like "alex! you should be in the goal!" but i just said back to her "no its ok, shes already in it". not only is this lindsay girl suck ass, but she plays for washington water polo, and the reason i didnt do washington was because i thought that all the other goalies were better than me. boy was i wrong. so tonight, we have our first game and im sure wilson and leslie will put her in instead of me. if they try to put me in any other position, im gonna suck because i've never played field and actually known what i was doing. i dunno... after practice this morning i just kinda walked away without saying anything to my coaches and i hope they thought that i was mad. well im sure they did think i was mad... because i wasnt being myself at practice. i was silent the whole time, and didnt talk to any one of the coaches. i just walked away. kinda odd if you know me. owell...

    i hafta work tonight. thank god its the last day of sessions. i was even out of town for a week, and i still feel lik ive had my level 2 forever. these little kids get so fucking annoying, and there is no possibele way to teach them.

    why does my heart cry, feelings i cant fight! youre free to leave me but just dont decieve me, and please believe me when i say i love you!

    i hate stupid people.

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