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Deidra Wood (deederiti) wrote,
@ 2004-01-20 21:40:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:Vanessa Carlton-Ordinary Day [aka winterguard show music]

    Today being Tuesday
    Today was quite good. I haven't really had a good day in quite some time. Starting first period, for some reason I liked spanish today. I enjoy writing in a different language and listening to other people try to read and decifer it. Theatre was awesome! I got to crawl on the floor, and tell people what to do, and act out other things with other people. I had a lot of fun in that class. World History was funny, but nothing out of the ordinary, since my teacher always tells funny stories. Earth Science started off bad because I took a quiz that I'm absolutely positive I failed, but then we got into astronomy and stars and it really kicked ass since astronomy is one of the most interesting topics ever. Another good thing about that class is that for homework I have to go outside and look as some constellations and other planets. After school, Kalie, Leah, and I stayed at school and ordered a pizza then practiced rifle until 5, at which Carrie [colorguard instructor] came in and helped us out with our rifle skills. Then at 6 [regular practice time] we worked hard until 8:20, at which I worked my butt off on a full run-through of our winterguard show. Definantly one of the more difficult shows I've been in. Then. when I got home my dad told me about mail that I got from a college partnership for my academic skills. Isn't that cool?! I'm actually smart enough for a college parntership to mail me letter about visiting them! Ok, well now I'm off to go study the stars outside for my Earth Science class. More to write when I have more to say. Adios.

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