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Tanya Atkins (decoupage) wrote,
@ 2003-10-29 18:54:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:the washer

    Wow i am on a roll twice in one week!!! Lets c here what has happened so far. Well for starters i made the girls JV team!!! practice is like so much fun, but we do a lot a lot of running!!! This week is spirit week for school. Monday was wear ur class colors day so i wore black and white cause those our are colors and are class mascott is a panther! They like totally decked out the front of the auditorium and it was like a wedding! both the king and queen had on all white and the parents " gave them away " it was really funny especially the dance that they had to do. My friends Tasha and Ryan were the sophmores class representitives. Ryan is like really short and Tasha is like really tall almost my height! They had to do this move where the guys held up their arms and the girls had to go undernieth them as if they were twirliing. Ryan had his arm strait up and tasha still had to duck! Then for the las t part of the dance the guys had to catch the girls, and ryan almost dropped tasha! it was so funny Alex and i were on the ground rolling we were laughing so hard! Yesterday was formal day so like all of these guys and girls were wearing their prom dresses, and tuxes. it was kinda stupid they had the blindfolded pudding eating contest yesterday to. i didn't watch though. Today was dress as your favorite childhood memory. so i wore my strawberry shortcake shirt. we had simon says today and i didn't watch that either! tomorrow is wear ur halloween costume and the dancers that are representing ur class are having this big competition matt and jacky are in it so it should be hilarious! Well DJ is an ass whole and is not going to winter ball this year so i am roally pissed at him about that. I am deffinatly not over him. on saturday band put on a haunted house which was so...... much fun! DJ and i got into this fullout huge fight over this glow in the dark plastic sword! Put it this way i took the sword from him so he threw his arms around me from behind, and started to tickle me, and if any body knows me they know how ticklesh i am, so i fell to the ground on my stomach with my cell in my back pocket, Dj fell on top of me like with his leg on my butt so my phone started to ring and when my phone rings it vibrates first. so it started to vibrate and DJ jumped up and backwords and was like YOUR VIBRATING!!! It was hilarious. then he got the sword from me and went out side. so i went outside a little while later and he saw me and took off over the railing and around these huge trailers. and i had problems getting over the raling and then he was off around the truck things so i screamed Damn u x - country person! just joking obviously. He then ran in to the guys bathroom and like locked him self in the one stall thats in there. i was like shit, so matt went in side and riley was in the middle of changing. so matt was like riley putt on ur shirt. so he did and matt dragged him out. He was then like its all clear tanya so i went in to get the sword and matt turned out the lights and shut and locked the door. i was like damn't so eventually i found Dj huddled up in too a ball in the corner of the stall swaying forward and backword, chanting she cant see me, she cant see me. So i climbed on to the top of the stall door so i was straddling it getting ready to jump in to the stall with him. when he looked up and saw me and was like whooo. so he got up and opened the stall door so it swung open when i was still on top of it. he then managed to get matt to unlike da door and let him out. he was like matt, tanya is having some technical difficulties and so matt came in and it took him and four other guys too get me down from up there! it was soo much fun though. Any way the haunted house was a success. I finally have planes for halloween night. I am going with matt, isaac, and aleena trick o treating, then to matts house t o watch a movie then to the bowling alley at midnight to bowl from midnight too six am on saturday. it should be a lot of fun. any wayz ill right more later. i ll leave u with the Jv girls soccer team chant that we made up to day " lady VIKES rest VIKES VIKES LADY VIKES!!! "

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