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Tanya Atkins (decoupage) wrote,
@ 2003-10-22 20:38:00
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    Are u happy mike, i know i haven't written in forever but my life has been soooo busy lately. Well for starters DJ and i broke up last week monday. He was like we dont know eachother well enough to be dating, and then goes and tells all of his friends that he never even liked me! its like come on get a life if he didn't like me we wouldn't have been like dating for so long and he like wouldn't have kissed me! well thats okay cause we are still friends. For instance today right before soccer practice, he was at cross country practice down at bayfront, and i was walking to the bath room with some of my team mates who are also friends with him and he was like "TANYA!!!" so i like turned around and there he is this extremly hott looking guy running down the street waving at me and calling my name so i was like "DJ!!!" and then waved and we both burst out laughing and he continued his run while like the other girls i was with were all like he said hi to her and not us, ugh i feel so offended lol they were just joking around though. I am on the girls soccer team dont know if i am varsity or jv i find that out on monday! wish me luck. I am friends with a lot of different people now. There is matt, justine, jason, aurellia, isaac, aleena, nohelane, nehua,rachel, julia, ty, shina, usha, kapella, jebby, alex, tiffany, britany, whitney, brianna, ryan, katrina, ginger, robert, nickole, kelly, DJ (obviously), Leo, Kurtis, Kristen, Jessey, and many more. Its really kool. But my friend matt likes me and i am totally not in to him like that, heck i a'nt dating unless its DJ. From the looks of it though we are going to winter ball together which is now officially called the The Starlite Ball! I am so.... excited about that. Halloween is going to suck this year. I am not doing anything from the looks of it. Ill probably go with Aleena to Ka'U to watch DJ's band play so that will be pretty ausome. I saw texas Chainsaw massacre which is an ausome movie! Don't go c House of the Dead, or Intolerable Cruelty. They both suck alot! there really is nothing else going on. so i am signing off for now.

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