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Tanya Atkins (decoupage) wrote,
@ 2003-09-18 16:14:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:the washer

    Well lets c here. I haven't written in like forever okay so its been 5 weeks. Well school is going pretty well i guess. i mean i am getting strait A's. My teachers are ausome especially my health, math and band teachers. My math teacher gives us candy and popcorn during class if were hungry. I am also the smartest kid in the class with a 99 for my mid quarter average. Band is cool. I am in both orchestra, and Band 2. Marching band is fun because this summer were going on a tour of Europe from July 11-17. We will be hitting 7 countries in 6 days. Talk about jet lag. It should be ausome though. In march we are going to oahu and next december 2004 if we get in we will be playing in Chicago. Orchestra is fun but majorly hard. I only have like 1 really good friend. And a few aquaintences. I have been seeing this guy named Tomas Sanchez for a few weeks now. He is a senior, and is like totally in to the whole vintage thing. We broke up though just yesterday due to the fact that he was cheating on me with this portague grl who was like putting out for him. talk about gross. There are at least 10 grls that are pregnant. They even have a nursery at the school for students with kids. I finally know my way around so the school is like really small to me now. There auditorium has like 3 floors to it. And is totally old fashioned kind. Today i hooked up with this guy named David. He is in jazz band and big band. He plays electric guitar in jazz and trombone in Big band. He is also an amazing kisser! lol.I am not riding yet which really sux. I NEED TO GET ON A HORSE SOON!!! Panaewa doesnt' have like a real riding program like lucky C. So i am trying to find some place else. Also i am going for my permit soon and trying to find a job. I am so going to be jam packed. THis weekend i get 2 go 2 Waimea for a Bahai youth retreat! THat should be kool cause i finally am doing something for my religion.
    My Aunt is in the hospital, and when she comes out she'll be dead. WHich really really sux. She told the doctors that she didn't want any more tests done or meds so they are just giving her oxygen and morphine to keep her comfortable. This means that i might be coming to ny in a couple of weeks. just for the week though.
    miss every one

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