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Jennifer Carol (deborahest) wrote,
@ 2012-01-13 22:02:00
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    Information Mining versus ScreenScraping
    Data exploration isn't screen-scraping. I am aware that many people within the room may don't agree with that statement, however they're actually two nearly very different concepts.

    In the nutshell, you might condition it this particular way: screen-scraping enables you to obtain information, where data exploration allows you to evaluate information. This is a pretty huge simplification, so I'll detailed a bit

    The expression "screen-scraping" comes from the mainframe terminal times where people worked tirelessly on computers with eco-friendly and black screens that contains only textual content. Screen-scraping utilized to extract character types from the screens so they might be reviewed. Fast-forwarding towards the web regarding today, screen-scraping right now most commonly identifies extracting information through web sites. Which is, computer programs may "crawl" or "spider" via web sites, taking out data. Individuals often do this to develop things like latest deals engines, archive internet pages, or simply down load text to a schedule so that it could be filtered and also analyzed.

    Data mining, one the other side of the coin hand, is actually defined by Wikipedia because the "practice of instantly searching large stores of information regarding patterns." Specifically, words the particular data, and you're right now analyzing it to understand useful reasons for it. Information mining often involves plenty of complex algorithms depending on statistical techniques. It has not do with the way you got the information to begin with. Within data mining you merely care about examining what's currently there.

    The difficulty is the fact that people who how to start the phrase "screen-scraping" will attempt Googling for something that resembles this. We incorporate a number of these types of terms on our website to help this kind of folks; for example, we all created pages entitled Textual content Data Mining, AutomatedInformation Collection, Web Site Information Extraction, and even Website Ripper (I assume "scraping" is kind of such as "ripping"). Therefore it presents a problem-we avoid necessarily wish to perpetuate a misunderstanding (i.e., screen-scraping = information mining), but we also need to use lingo that people really use.

    Web Site Ripper
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