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ChRiscHRis (deathtripp) wrote,
@ 2003-10-21 22:20:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:To My Surprise - 'In The Mood'

    well well
    im under orders to update this.. Yes Dani SIR!! XP i guess i havent written in the fuckmonkey of a journal for a while now. not much has happened... andy's part-ay was a bit of a washout... police came at about 9 so we went to Balmore.. but there were pikeys. so no. what else... another failed attempt! ooh and i have a new bass! Dried blood coloured Fender Jazz bass :D hehe. tis pretty. if all goes to plan, Kyria will be practicing in Impact on sunday. bloody hope so. wanna get some songs done and move back onto the gig circuit! i miss playing for our people! bless dani and ian... they love each other so much lol. i always feel like a 3rd wheel though cuz i dont wanna get in the way if im hangin out with them. oh well. its their fault. in some way. yep. We had our words, a common spat, so I kissed him upside the cranium with an aluminium baseball bat. My name is Mud. Forbury on saturday again. pulling missions. and helping kat mangle mini mosh drunks with an axe apparently. sounds like fun :D blend them and their hoodies too. no offence to anyone who wears hoodies. unless they're Good Charlotte ones. thats just dispicable and you deserve to be mugged for your bling. i iz a rood boi and i iz gonna petrol bomb your ghetto innit, bling, breadbin, blud, spafe etc. and the list goes on. much like a Honda. cept you can't relaly mug a Honda for its bling. 'oi! gimme your carberetta innit! i iz gonna spark your spark plugs! bo!' silly pikeys... always ask me if im a goth.. dont they realise there is life beyond classifications? of course, if you wear make-up and you're a guy then you're a goth arent you *sarcasm* dumbfucks. i would be open minded but they dont deserve it. fack. aww bless my cat eating my pasta! silly. well its been lovely.
    good night. X

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