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Jeremy (deathtoll1984) wrote,
@ 2005-10-04 21:46:00
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    Current mood:overwhelmed
    Current music:satyricon-Into The Mighty Forest

    The best laid plans...and a 20 step program
    Jenielle is so sweet. She's nothing short of incredible. I'm really falling for this girl, and it kinda scares me, because it's really really early in the 'friendship' stage...but I guess it wouldn't be considered friendship, but maybe it would? Hell if I know, I just know that I feel fucking sweet whenever we're talking. We talk about some weird stuff, but it's cool. I dunno, we seem to get along rather well. At least I think that...but she tells me she really likes me too. And I totally believe her. Which, again, must be taken with a grain of salt. I want to be careful not to get too attached to her. We have no committments between each other. That's definitely a good thing. I really like that. I seriously haven't met anyone quite like her before. She's so...different. I don't know what it is, but I really like it. I already know her general character. How she acts, how she eats, how she looks at me when I look at her...God, You gave her the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. This beautifully dark siepia light chocolate hue, surrounded by milk white. I can see her eyes when I close mine. It's crazy. I'm just so in to her right now. I don't even think of other girls when I'm with her. Like I said, she makes everything easier to stomach when I'm with her. Soothing, almost. Harmonious. The planets align in perfect unison. Hello, tangent, anyone...?

    The white house will bring down de lay. Just goes to show, you have to have money and good buddies to get into the white house. You can pay your way into office and into power. Just have your check book ready. Fuck our government. It's such bullshit. Just flatline bullshit, scraped from some terrible cesspool of rotting bacteria infested fecal matter. I cannot stand our government. I vote. I do my part as a citizen, unfourtunatly, I am one of those fringe citizens...the ones with certain moral values that conflict with the modern day idea of moral standard. I have rules...rules that work in any time, place, city, state, or country.

    Don't kill
    Don't rape
    Don't murder
    Don't steal
    Don't strike someone unless it is justifiable, if they hit you first, beat the shit out of them, into a bloody fucking mess, but don't for no reason whatsoever make the first punch...allow them to stoop to that primordial level and then deliver a fist into the nose or jaw
    Don't lie
    Don't cheat
    Don't cut short anyone of anything...if they want to bump heroin, let them. It is their body to destroy and if that is their wish, so be it. Addiction is not addiction, but a choice, a state of mind and all this other shit...But never slight someone or give them less than you'd give yourself...

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