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alley (deathpuppet) wrote,
@ 2003-09-17 11:58:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:sex pistols

    Damn it, AHHHHHHH I cant concentrte today my mid is just all wooo..... abd lets just say its not here . Eek I am going insane.

    I am craving pixie sticks NAHAHA I want pixie sticks.

    Ok well man I fuckinh hate it when ppl lie to me and the worst part is they lie and you know they are lying and they wont ever admit it, and you know if you say something then they are gonna get all hurt and play dumb and of course you end up being the bad one when they were th ones lyinh all along, I mean FUCK I HATE IT WHEN PPL LIE!!! damn ppl go suck a nut

    Well now my g/f is being all woo yea she is trhe one that is lying to me and its pissing me off I mean damn bitch I love her but I hate her sometimes. Gr..... I hate when ppl lie.

    Alright well school is boring I had like 5 misn of sleep last night so now I cant do my work because my mind is somewhere thas not here. I keeping gettign lost in thought and all i wanna do is lay my head down and sleep. zzzZzzzz.... ehh I have a head ache too.

    Dammit I want FOOD. my lil belly is all growling and i cant eat that much ppl come on give me money :) u know u want to

    Allright wel enough of this shit peace out bitches see u when i am not sober

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