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Jerid (deathlydefiant) wrote,
@ 2003-10-02 21:01:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:FUCK YOU BITCH

    What the fuck!?!?!?
    Well then. Today she ignored me. She is like acting like I am not there and worse of all since her boyfriend doesn’t go to our school she is flirting with all these other guys right in front of my face. Especially this football player. And I don’t like Football and she knows it. Because I don’t believe in being a lamb and following the crowd! And its just irritating that she would sit there knowing how I feel I put my heart on my sleve and she would rather not only step on it but take a knife and stab it over and over then take a chain saw and just keep on cutting it and cutting it then to just chill out with that shit and just keep it friendly like how it used to be. Maybe I just notice it more because my heart is more out there then it was before but still its just like WOW why would you go out of your way and ignore me then talk to me. And unless she wants something like a sandwich from the lunch bar or a milk or unless she wants to say something to my friend next to me she makes no eye contact no conversation everything surrounds the football player. And that guys a ass hole. He has a stick up his ass and he thinks he is better than everyone but you know what. If she is going to be like that and have me sit there looking like a fool I am glad I didn’t kill no one for her. But I am not happy I put myself out there like that. But then again she is 15 and I am 17 and I guess…she just cant handle this shit. Cant help it though that little kids cant take shit.

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