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Kim(mie) (deathlikescats) wrote,
@ 2005-04-14 12:39:00
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    Current mood: anxious

    school and SD
    I'm finally catching up on my homework and projects, and am feeling like I can make it for the next two weeks. I'm gonna be crammed full of stuff though, so my weekends aren't gonna be sunshine and laughter. After waiting an hour and a half for my teacher to return to her class (she'd left two minutes before the class started to attend an on campus lecture) so I could borrow the schools one Wacom tablet (an alternative to a mouse that gives you better controll over lines when working with photoshop and such). That totaly threw off my schedule for the day, which is tight nowadays.

    Past due things that need to be done:
    Work from my composition class.
    Paper #3 from my comp class (3/4 done)
    Paper #1 from Art Hist class (1/4 done)
    Last simester's 3d Art projects (3 of them)

    Things still needing to do for the end of the simester (not including tests)
    #4 paper in comp
    #2 paper on Art Hist
    Final anim for Computer anim

    ...two weeks to do all this. *deep breath* Ok. I can do this.

    And then there's SD
    I wana go back but I gotta figure out housing before I do. Gotta save cash monies (though there's a con going on in denver in two weeks and I REALLY wana go) Gotta register the car, and get my in state license. Gotta focus and not slack (hard for me to do.

    Plus there's the con in SD, and faire stuff I wana know about. I still wana do the pirate thingie with everyone, but I get this feeling that I'm not gonna. I don't like that, since I was in it at the begining, WAY back int he day. I dunno.... i sure hope that the NO DRAMA thing stays in place. Even if I don't get to it...

    Fighting of the panic that I am sure to feel next week. Hoping I can get everything done in time...


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