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Kim(mie) (deathlikescats) wrote,
@ 2005-04-03 17:34:00
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    Current mood: excited

    Of Star Wars and Cosplay. Oh, and Faire too
    ah... my life. who would've known that a fatefull meetin with a dude at work would have lead me to this line of life. One in which I live art through costuming and Ren Faires.

    Today, I did travel to Wal Mart, and did see upon the shelves there a multitude of figures, memorabilia and toys from the upcomming third installment of the Star Wars trillogy. And Lo, I did behold the consumer splendor. And I did buy stuff... not much, since I'm riding the edge of the Broke Wave, but just a bit. And all fer the sake of costuming.

    ... and I'm envious of those who can go to faire today. I'm SO jonesing (sp?) for a faire trip. DEAR LORD! I canna wait fer the pirate group to start up. I'm willing to pour my personal time and monies into it. And now that I have a sewin machine, I'm all for it! *does happy dance*

    And I'm freakin out about how much I gotta save in order to make it out to SD. Gotta go start donating blood or something for extra cash...

    So much to do... so little monies... *sighs*

    I pray to Remedy that they are able to find me something fast and good.

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