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Kim(mie) (deathlikescats) wrote,
@ 2005-02-24 06:19:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:tv behind me

    I have come to the conclusion that I am not ready for advanced yoga.

    I'm starting a workout regiment, so that I can become less flabby and have energy. Today was the first day I'm trying it. Some of the motions I can do, but others, like the one where I'm on my side, pushing up with my arm and one foot, balancing and maintaining a 45 degree angle... yea that one not only didn't happen, but it was a bitch to try.

    After sleeping through some of my classes yesterday, I decided that I was in horrible mental and physical condition, and needed to get back in a groove where I would be making myself healthy instead of depressed and lethargic. I don't like feeling fat, flabby, and out of shape. I don't like running, so I'm gonna crash teh dorms gym and use they're eliptical if it's free this afternoon.

    I hope I can keep this resolve steady, and actually start to lose weight and feel better. I need the feeling better more than anything else.

    Have been shopping around with prop and costume people on the net, and was contacted by a group of people who do latex armour and props. I'd have to let Kirb do the gun (since he really wants to) but they gave me an estimate on how much it would be to do Adeptus Sororitas armour with their process. Their quote, after a possible $500 reduction, was $1760 (without the quote for the bolter it comes to $1510). They also said that they'd be able to finish it around October if I got started on it with them. It sounds expensive and daunting, especially cus i wanted to get it done by Con time, but it's definitley an option. Here's a couple of links for the costume reference, and the place that made the bid to do the costume.

    ... ok. Couldn't find a good pic. Maybe I'll update with one later...

    Time for a shower and off to work.

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