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I am a fallen zerø (deathbyheather) wrote,
@ 2003-05-08 19:03:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:Twiztid - "We Don't Die"

    tummy hurts
    i actually ate a real dinner for once - sum mac n cheese. my tummy hurts sooooo much. its not really used to food. owww. but im not bulimic so im not gonna puke it up, im just gonna sit here in my pain. ow. dude it really hurts bad. uggghh. my moms upstairs bitchin to herself. shes seriously yelling at the top of her lungs - - to no one. me n my bro r down here in the basement basically hiding from her. shes fuckin drunk as usual n its the same ol shit. it started by my dad askin me to sort sum laundry. i was like "i'll think about it" well my mom took it and ran...she flipped out. she grabbed a chair n threw it n bitched about how if we kept our fuckin house clean than maybe she'd be able to do laundry n it just kept escalating. this always ends up in me gettin my ass kicked, so i was like, "im outta here" so i come down here in the basement. shes still up there in the kitchen yelling to herself. its kinda funny. like, she thinks someones listening. my dad left like 15 minutes ago. god shes stupid. im so sick of her, i wanna murder her, as do like, all my friends. for good reason tho. i've never known what it's like to actually love a parent. everyone else is all close n shit to their mom n dad n then here i am wishing i didnt hafta live with them. arrgh. fuck it all. well ima go, im gonna call heather back.

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