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cunt (xxxxx09) wrote in dearyou_,
@ 2011-01-12 22:07:00
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    Current mood:sad

    Dear douche-who-really-needs-to-get-a-grip,

    I hate you. How could you do everything that you did to me? How? I took you in, I let you live with me. I took care of you when you were sick. I worked for us while you were "laid off" for over a year. Whatever we did, was because of me. And yet I didn't care. I didn't mind taking care of you. You were my everything and I thought I was yours. I put up with the dumb ex girlfriends who blew up your phone. I put up with your totally legally insane mother who talked to me like I was trash instead of being greatful that someone in this world was helping you, her own son, out with your life. But I bit my tongue every time and just let things go. But what about when I needed help? What about when I needed to be cared for and about and I needed to feel loved???? How did you treat me??? YOU BROKE UP WITH ME THE DAY THAT MY GRANDMOTHER PASSED AWAY TO GO OUT, BUY AN ENGAGEMENT RING, AND PROPOSE TO ONE OF THOSE SKANK EXES OF YOURS. WHY ???????????????????????? Why in the world would you randomly one day get up and say .. oh, I'm going to RUIN EVERYTHING that I have with this amazing girl, to get engaged to a scumbag that I don't even talk to ??? And then the next day, was Christmas.

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