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Dawn (deai_dul_bugg) wrote,
@ 2006-08-30 17:24:00
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    fuck you and the damn kitty you rode your ugly ass in on!
    I am home from work, and I'm so happy about that because today was a very long day. Daniel picked me up from work, because simply put: He's the damn shit! I talked to my baby last night, and I need to quit my paranoid bullshit, seriously. He's not mad at me at all. He's just been sick, and broke apparently. He dosen't need to spend money to hang out with me, I just enjoy being around him. Anyways, I'm not worried anymore, and feel fairly foolish for being worried in the first place. Meghan hooked it up and the Milford House and I have an interview at 1pm on Saturday. I'm so stoked. I really really hope I get this job. The money would be so much better, and I'm sick of my job already. I want to wait tables again. I miss it, and working with Meghan all the time would be flipping sweet, dude! Kathy called my from the office earlier and wants me to take on a client from 7-10:30 on Wednesday nights. I am not going to do it. I told them I do not want to take on anymore clients right now. The last thing I need to do anyway is get out of work at 10:30 and then get up to go to work at 4am on Thursdays. M.L.E. is going back to school on Friday, and I know that they are going to try to pawn off all of her clients on me, too. They're are pissing me off really bad, to be quite honest, and I cannot wait to quit so that I can go to Milford House and actually get to sleep in again. Haha!

    Well, that's really all I have to say right now


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