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Dawn (deai_dul_bugg) wrote,
@ 2006-04-05 01:16:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:Tool (band) Sober (song) Undertow (album)

    why is that whenever he is brought up, my mind is in constant insanity???? i miss that boy!! i love that boy, and to think i ever did anything to make him not love me breaks me heart!! a close friend of ours tells me he still loves me. but how do i know for sure?? i wrote him a letter a week ago, when i thought he was still living at home. come to find out tonight, brandon is in jail. i plan on taking that same letter that i wrote him a week ago, and putting it in the same envelope with the letter i plan on writing him tomorrow, and mailing it to his "new addy" in jail. i already know i am a faithful pen pal to boys in jail. ritchie is a perfect example, but for different reasons. i don't, know, but i never officially got over brandon, and this is at least a sign that my urge to write that letter to him wasn't wrong, and that i owe it to myself to send him this letter, even if he is in jail when he gets it. at least he will be sober and more able to think about it. i can't change whatever it was that i did in the past to make him hate me so much, but i don't feel as though it is something that desires hate. i think that brandon and i could be great again if we both gave it a chance. i still love him as much as i ever did, but the things we said to eachother hurt, i imagine, as much as if they were to really happen. what jordy said to me tonight may have changed my life forever!! i am still in love wth Brandon Lincoln


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