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Tom (deadgeneration) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 21:44:00
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    Current mood:depressed
    Current music:blink 182: story of a lonely guy

    you're only born so u cud die.
    im tired and once again, have a head ache.

    today was the same as anyother stupid day. long and boring. i had to serve a detention today for art class and i must say, wow. i fuckin hate that class. the teeacher shud choke and die. its the hardest class i hav. tomorow and wednesday r half days so thats alright. my favorite part about the week is no skool on thursday and friday. 4 day weekend. that makes me happy, especialy since i hate skool now more than ever. i always hav, but it just sux more than usual lately.

    i talked to laura today. well actually, she said "high five." thats too low" and "yeah" and i said nothing. she accepted my apology online the other day tho, so i guess everythings alright. i hope it is. i hate fighting with my frends. theres still one more person i havnt heard from in a week becuz we're fighting, and just like every other fight, it was all my fault. the sad thing bout all this is nothing feels right anymore. i really miss the summer. things were so different. people were so different. like the other night wen i was at matts house, i was watching a tape from the first band practice laura came to and sung at. she has a beutiful voice and the song was coming along. she maybe came to 1 or 2 more band practices after that. i dont ko wut went so wrong. that was alot of fun but i guess shes not into it anymore. we (me and thew) kinda wish she was tho. it really was alot of fun.

    i hav more to say but my fuckin mom is kicking me off now. i really hate my parents. they dont fuckin kno/understand me at all, let alone listen to wut i hav to say. lets see wut ive learned today. i learned that i miss the summer alot and that things/people change and theres really nothing u cud do about it, as much as it hurts.

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