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johnnythehomicidalmaniac (deadat14) wrote,
@ 2004-08-22 12:17:00
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    Current mood: tired

    well, i can't use my mouse. i don't know why, but the cursor whon't move, nor will it click. tis strange, but true. so, as most of my usual comp practices are way too hard for me to deal with (b/c i'm lazy) i decided to post. jordan should be calling me SOON, when her dad gets home with her car, so that we can go do something, because i really want to go out and be with people who are not a) my family, or b) my art teacher. anyways, i'm hopefully going soon. i'm kinda in the mood to paint right now, but i don't have the paints i want for my next project. i've been wanting to do this for a while... playing with massive amounts of neon paint... in both liquid and spray form... droooooool... ah, well, until i get them (i.e. get more money) i will entertain myself with my basic paints. still fun even if they are not neon. i decorated my notebooks and binder today using mia's recomended method. they will entertain me greatly during the great boredom that is school.

    my mouse needs to start working.

    well, i just got back from my "escapade" with jordan as caroline likes to call them. i'm kind of tired-ish after i was all hyper with her and jess. grin. this night'll give them nightmares, it will... i gesticulate wildly and uncontrollably when i get hyper. 'twas quite amusing from my point of view. well, i'm going to go do homework. gack.

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