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Fractured Thought (dead_stars) wrote,
@ 2007-02-01 20:40:00
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    watching her watching him
    They caught my eye the moment the door opened. His left hand on the small of her back and his right hand opening the door for her. He kept his hand there as he approached the counter, he moved to her left, "two, please". While his total was being calculated, with his wallet in his hands and arms resting on the counter, his head turned right, back to the girl and smiled. She coyly smiled also and broke his gaze. "You're so beautiful". Her eyes met his again and then he looked back at the counter. He paid for them both and they turned away from the counter almost in sync. He put his left once again in its place on the small of her back and motioned with his right hand to the entrance, all the while staring at the top of her head with a shy smile tickling his lips. She led them to a table near the bar, but not at the bar and they took off their coats. He took hers and layed it on top of his on one of the extra chairs. He pulled out her seat and as she sat, he gently pushed it in under her. He then took his place to her left and they began talking. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but they were both laughing. He got up from his chair, kissed her on the temple and walked over to the bar. I watched her while he was gone. She watched him walk away and then turned her attention to the dance floor. She moved slightly to the music and smiled. Upon his return, he kissed the top of her head and set her drink in front of her while sitting down. They talked and drank and smiled and laughed. Then she got up, he stood up when she did. My eyes followed her to the bathroom door and then went back to him. He, too had watched her and now he was watching the dancers with a smile. When she returned, he again stood up, pulled out her chair and put it back in as she sat down. He took her hand in his, she took his hand in hers and they stared at each other. I could feel time stop for them...I could see the world moving in slow motion around them. Then he kissed her hand, she smiled, looked down and then back up at him. I watched them stand together and he led her out to the dance floor. They moved in perfect unison, their gaze never failing each other. When the song ended, they hugged each other and he kissed her forehead. He took her left hand and returned to their table.

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