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Erin (ddr_obsessed) wrote,
@ 2004-01-19 09:37:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:Brand New- Magazines

    All-Night Youth Rally
    First may I set you up with some extra info:
    me: 13 yrs old
    Jac: 14 yrs old
    Erik: 17 yrs old
    Jacob: 13 yrs old
    Jeff: 18 yrs old

    Couch situation from left to right: Jacob, Jacqui, me, Erik, Jeff


    *trying to fit 6 ppl on couch*
    Erik to some guy: "want to be the 6th person on the couch?"
    the guy: "is this like PDA?"
    Erik: "Kinda"


    Erik: "look at us being bossed around by middle schoolers"
    Jacqui: "we're not bossing we're pointing you in the right direction"


    me: "look now he's got a middle schooler lacing up his skates"
    Erik: "that's not called special, that's called having servants"
    me: "oh is that all we are? i didn't know servants could boss people around"
    Erik: *rolls eyes*
    me: "anyway... we don't ACT like middle schoolers"
    Erik: "yeah"


    **continued from above**
    Jacob: "i'm mature sometimes"
    Erik: "yeah right you're more immature than my baby brother Seth"


    Erik watching me bowl: "it's that one pin that always kills ya!"


    Erik watching me bowl later: "i want some of your luck"
    me: "it's karma thank you very much"


    me: "that poor kid's not gonna be able to sit down for a week!"


    Jacqui: "come on joe one time around the rink"
    Joe: "i'll fall"
    Jacqui: "what if i told you i'd catch you?"
    Joe: "i'd laugh... and then i'd catch my breath... and laugh again"


    Good times... met new ppl... cool ppl... who like anime and manga, gaming, ddr, etc and that's always a plus...


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