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San (dazednsanna) wrote,
@ 2003-08-27 21:22:00
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    Current mood:confused
    Current music:the quiet things that no one ever knows -brand spankin new

    What did that get there
    apparently when you type in on my computer it brings me to blurty...this is enw to me adn i dotn understand y it happend..all i wanted to do was look at nerf herder merch adn now tis got me updateing my journal....what kidna of crack head's idea was this!

    so it goes

    well sicne im here ill give alil looked at some brideds maids dresses..took us 45 minites to get there at least 5 minites to find and 15 to get fat( aka we stoped for lunch at the cheese cake factory) , ne way every eon got realy ncei dresses miens kidan gay but w/e ill deal with it, with my hair and makeup done ill dazzle im sure...

    as well as this my brother just got hi new car tradeign his 2001 mustang for a 2002 golf?..even trade? i think not...but i get to drive teh mustang or jeep if you will till my parents let me get my own will ahev to do...he asked me to go for a ride which was shocking in that and hes acctualy pretty good at driving stick ussualy i wotns tep foot in a car that is not autimatic on account im not ussaly prone to motion sickness but 5 speeds liek to bring that upon me with all the annoyign julting..its a black car alil bigger interier, pretty ncie when i thoguth it was goan suck balls...

    estaby where for art thou estaby

    speaking of brothers..what happend to mien and why was he replaces with this sweet fun lvoeign version of him tillca nt get over how nice he was to me all really litterly boogles the think im beign sarcastic but ask en oen who knows my family well i.e jen and they will tell you how bizare this situation really is.

    i guess im done..i never really wanted to update this thing..i guess it was a subliminal message...but in the words of my brother " yeah, wut eva n*gga"

    tootles :-

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