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San (dazednsanna) wrote,
@ 2003-07-28 21:48:00
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    Current mood:confused
    Current music:A.F.I

    threw with being cool...
    yeah so i'd say i had the msot kick ass time at the lil par-tay, mini par-tay if you will in which drinking was involed, fight club,"Herrs" prezele nuggets, wrestle mania, salmon, and some sort of sexual homosexual ghost....I serously had the best time,idk about you kids, thanks for the person who threw it and all who attended, sicne im suppose to keep this on the d/l but i forgot why, oh well..

    hunger strikes but i refuse to do a thing about it...

    For some reason i have this sneakign suspition that my friends are starting to hate me...maybe case im starting to hate my self and just audimaticly assume everyoen will follow in my lead..or mayeb becsaeu im a parinoid temprimental biotch from the hood ya herrrrd....

    i think i need a new variety in my life alil more jazz to spice it up, ya know how all them plain potato chip companys soon relized yeah there are other opptions out there like sour cream and chive, and mastque bbq, yeah and 80% of the time your hands lungin for one of those babys at aunt berthas 95th birthday party over the ruffled...

    I miss my old friends for one not that i dont enjoy my new friends group w/e but i just would liek to encourpirate new with the old..i just seemed so much happyer adn less peevish when i sorta get a chance to see tehm all instead of forgetign about tehm all together i.e denise tiana steph sammy my sister, ya know the drill, i barly see them and i think it's putting a damper on my moral meter... i still <3 all my friend don't get me wrong but i think you all know what i'm getting at.

    so tonight i watched a movie with my sister like old times..oh man out of all peoepl she was the biggest part of my life seh is my life, adn we barly see each otehr ne mroe or hang out so tis liek so weird when we use to belike almsot 24/7 now its liek high and bye inbetween friend sessions...thatw as the number oen thing that kept me sain adn insain at the same time..a nice natural balance, shes my bebe guuurl... things are going to have to change

    i also miss hangign around with amanda and kelly and like the hearls with tiana...idk my life is changeign yes that what i sort of wanted but its starting to take a turn for the worse i.e not the way i wanted it to..i'm hopeing sr. year will just kick ass and i can just relax for once and like not care about ne one but my self..well you know what i mean im not that evil...

    idk i just feel empty and it really sucks..and since idk who to exactly talk to or who really gives to shits...this is waht i talk lil cute blurty wurty oh yes you are your a cute blurty mwah mwah mwah

    well w/e i really only trust my self to say ne thign im reaaally feelign to and i guess thats where teh problem lies..yes with lies...but untill i get over that fear its "Hi i'm chipper, wanna buy gurl scout cookies" sandra all the way baby..i guesss i don't minfd i'm quite use to it, and i'm sure i'm not the only one who thinks that way about them selves

    and this gaining weight thign is just a door stopper man..geeze my high self esteam has widdled from omg your so high your like in the clouds to omg your so high but your sorta under teh clouds juuust alil now...NOOO i'm not full of my self playa please, but who said you can't lvoe your self come on they ahev liek self help books for that shit..i was alwasy proud of my self adn my body now im like upset at my self for ruinign waht work for...but hey thats what happens i guess....

    i don't feel like tlakign ne mroe caue i relize peopel acctualy read these things soo i'm done ..lata kids drive safely

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