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San (dazednsanna) wrote,
@ 2003-06-25 19:35:00
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    Current mood:seduced
    Current music:alanis ........<3<3<3

    You're my best friend, best friends with benifits
    yeah so i wanted to update this thing and tehn alanis came on teh radio adn i got voer excited about tia dn it just put me in teh mood to rock out to some it goes

    Ok so my theory about love... i'm never gona see it, it just doent want to find me..kind of like when your playign hide and go seek with a bunch of little kids your baby sitting, you don't acctualy want to find them case that measn ther just gona keep playign with you and annoying you chose to take your tiem adn not find them so you can watch some t.v or take a short 3 hour nap while one hides behind the fernis and ones traped in the laundry shoot... oh what you don't do that?..well w/e you should i have good ideas that ussualy go to waist but more then likely your sayign to your self "hey, thast acctualy a good idea..sinister, but effective." ne way after that long drawn out explination of love and y it doent want to find me and now that life hosue is on teh radio and im loseign my train of thought, i'll change the subject..or just take it in a new direction

    see this life house song "hangin by a moment" i use to lvoe..when i ahd i listen to it and want to bash teh radio with a mallet being these lil rock stars enjoy rubbing it ever so harshly in my face...Alanis had more my stlye...i think ill put my head phones on adn ignor the radio..although i just resently read that by listeing to headphones for about an hour alone increases teh abcteria in your ears by about 700%..thats alil freaky....just a fun fact for yall, i got amillion of em...yeah its tiem for alanis this must be upsetign love song,your never gona get ne one so start cryign and get use to it you pathetic loser hour on the radio..what station is this even its like walk 97 ,somthing old i have no it goes...

    So today was super hot adn i babysat in teh sun for liek an hour made 10 bucks..still sunburned form the day at the beach abd i couldnt go today becase of these burns..oh eyah adn cause anne marie desided tot ell em aslt minite i couldnt go..nice of her to give me a heads up..but ti worked out ne we watched fight club last night, hope you understood it anny pants...i rented movies for tonight...i wanted to ahev movei night but it doent look like jose`s around so i guess im just gettign crunk tonight at michelle's and well watch the movies so bored and michelles not haveing me over till like 10..there were suppseo to be a few peoepl going now everyoesn coppign out cause there pussy's, and yeah there just pussy's lol...

    no oesn onlien so it looks liek im the only big ass loser around on my computer..i could of went for a walk with my sister and sam but i had to update this journal didn't I..DIDN'T YOU SANDRA HUH HUH ALWASY GOTA DO WAHT YOOOOU WANNA DO ENEVR WAHT III WANT TO DO..III WANTED TO GO FOR A WALK ADN GET OUT OF TEH HOSEU ADN NOW YOUR STUCK EHRE ALONE FOR 2 AND A HALF MORE HOURS..Y DO YOU ALWAYS MAKE TEH WORST DESIONS EVER!!! it goes

    well in a lighter note away from my inner self, i passed my road test!!!!! woooo woooo.. its like a big boulder has been lifter off my shoulders, also schools voer and i passed all my regentses althoguh im still waitin on chem, but w/e i think i passed but barley..w/e i always make out thinkin im about to right another poem..mayeb about lonlyness..cause i'm quite alone right now..its just me and alanis and were rockin out to jagged little pill, which by teh way is one of the most oustading albmums every created with its lyrical mastery and all teh arangments work out so beautiful for my little ears, a poet this women is, and talented as well...i use to mayeb i sitll do, but when i was younger i looked shockignly similar to her, peoepl use to call me alanis all teh tiem or start singing...mayeb teh big brown eyes and long curly hair did it, oh man i miss my long curly hair it was so beautus and now that im not a totaly spaz and know how to do hair somewhat i could do the most awesoem things with it, god damn it ::forgive me father for i have sined::...i always feel guilty useing the lords name in vain..well typing it ne way, i alwasy hesitate but yet do it ne way...

    and every time i scratch my nails down someone elses back i hope you feel it..well can you feel it?!

    don't forget to win first place...don't forget to keep that smile on your face.....

    i think....i'm gona go, i feel very emotional/sublime right now, and i'm not..exactly sure...where its gona lead me...alanis is taking me to a diffrent place so yeah... i g2g

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