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San (dazednsanna) wrote,
@ 2003-10-17 17:04:00
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    Current mood:shitty
    Current music:good charolett thanks to jacks previouse away message

    With so much drama in the CHS its kidna hard bein San L.Y double N
    Yeah so...idk iv'e been feeling realllly weird lately...idk i cant knock it....i've been obssesivly tired, and it's puttign me in a crappy mood...I can't exactly explain every thing..cause then i'd have to kill you, or my self...who ever i find it will probably be you

    You like apples?

    Girls don't like boys...
    ..Well boys that live with in a 10 mile radius of me ne way... They don't like me so there for i dont like them ..

    HA how you like them apples?

    Gay i know ..what are ya goan do...sleep is what i always say

    Ight so i'm thinkin i might want to drop out of school...if i wasn't such a pussy willow, and acctually had something to look foward to by not being there besideds solitude and seclusion, dont sound to bad acctually..but yeahhhh... any way

    I guess this is a pretty shitty update since im really to chicken to say what i want to say and what i did spit out is more like chewed up bacon bits....i guess i'll stop before who ever is reading this keels over from bordom, maybe take a nice nap.

    ight mamas off...ill tty kids lat

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