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devon (dazed_c0nfused) wrote,
@ 2004-05-14 23:30:00
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    Current mood: geeky
    Current music: "play that funky music" wild cherry

    welcome to camp jim!!!
    hey, hey, hey. Today was go0d. School pasted by quickly and that's always a + ;] After sch0o i went home and showered and around 5 went to my cousin's bDay party. That wassen't k0ol.. my mother got pissed of at me (oh, *tears*) and then i just walked to sarah's after i couldn't take zem no mO, no mO. When i got there, they attempted to play manhunt but it didn't exactly work, lol. Bryant ran through some guys yard and the fat ass came out and started chasin' him down the block, lmao wTf!?! When i saw the guys i was like uhm, "hhhhWhat!" Then when bryant finally was seen again, he was all scurred that the cops were gonna come get him, lol. At first we were all like hells, no.. but l8er jared said he saw the guy with a metal pole looking for bryant. We later discovered that the guy's metal pole was really his penis and i'm still wondering how jared couldn't tell the difference, lol... jk. But really, the guy just had a pool skimmer and a hose. =] Any-Who.. when we went back inside sarah's house, we played beyonce (and danced her risky pencil rolls, haha). Of corse nick and jared had to thrash to bohemian rhapsody.. if they haden't, it would've been "the partAy that wassen't." Then around 11 (more or less) everyone left. My madre was pissed kuz she broke her rear-view miror but she drove frank home anyways which was kind (oh..BTW.. though i gave frank a ride home, i'm not fucking him, and i'm still single.. thanks for wondering anyways ;]). Now i'm home, hungry, and quite bored.. i'm comming to ur house, answer your window when you hear the tiny pebbles, lol.

    ♥ dev

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