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Alex (darksadeternity) wrote,
@ 2003-11-09 00:20:00
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    You are the Super Villan known Loki!

    History: Loki is the son of Laufey, king of the
    frost giants of Jotunheim, one of the
    "Nine Worlds" of the Asgardian
    cosmology. Odin, ruler of Asgard, led his
    subjects in a war against the giants. Laufey
    was slain in battle and the giants were
    defeated. Surveying the spoils of war, the
    Asgardians discovered a small god-sized baby
    hidden at the giants' main fortress. The infant
    was Loki, whom Laufey had kept hidden due to
    his shame over his son's diminutive size.
    Because Loki was the son of a king fallen in
    battle, Odin elected to adopt him and raise him
    as a son alongside his blood son Thor, the
    future god of thunder.

    In childhood Loki greatly resented the fact that
    Odin and the other Asgardians favored the young
    Thor, who already had a nobility of spirit and
    excelled in all his endeavors, over himself. As
    a boy Loki began studying the arts of sorcery,
    for which he had a natural affinity. His hatred
    of Thor grew, and while still a boy, Loki vowed
    to become the most powerful god in Asgard and
    to destroy Thor in order to achieve this end.
    After achieving adulthood Loki began making
    alliances with other enemies of Asgard.

    As Loki grew to adulthood, his inborn propensity
    for mischief had begun to manifest itself, and
    he earned the nickname "God of
    Mischief." But as his deeds grew
    increasingly malicious, and his lust for power
    and vengeance became apparent, he became known
    as the "God of Evil". Loki attempted
    many times over the centuries to destroy Thor
    and seize the throne of Asgard for himself.
    Finally, Odin magically imprisoned him within a
    tree as punishment for his many crimes.
    Sometime thereafter, Thor was banished to Earth
    to learn humility in the mortal form of Dr.
    Donald Blake.

    Shortly after Blake regained the ability to assume
    the godly form and power of Thor, Loki
    succeeded in freeing himself from his mystical
    imprisonment. There followed a long succession
    of clashes between Loki and Thor. Sometimes
    Loki battled Thor directly. On other occasions
    Loki used pawns to fight Thor, some of whom he
    temporarily endowed with increased superhuman
    power, such as the Cobra and Mister Hyde. Loki
    is responsible for transforming
    "Crusher" Creel into the Absorbing
    Man and for the revival of the Asgardian
    Destroyer as an opponent for Thor. Loki has
    attempted to turn Odin against Thor and to
    steal Thor's enchanted hammer. On one occasion
    Loki mystically exchanged bodies with Thor.
    Loki has temporarily seized control of Asgard
    when Odin was incapacitated. However, Loki has
    invariably been thwarted in his bids for power
    and revenge by Thor.

    Through the years, Loki has turned his attention to
    Earth, hoping to destroy his foster brother's
    adopted home. One of his most notable schemes,
    manipulating the Hulk to wreak untold havoc,
    resulted in the formation of the Avengers.
    Following a failed scheme to discredit Thor's
    human alter ego, Odin imprisoned Loki's essence
    in the body of a mortal. However, he eventually
    escaped to continue his quest for supreme power
    in Asgard.

    Loki joined Thor and Odin in their battle against
    the demonic Surtur. Surtur intended to destroy
    Asgard, and Loki, whose goal is to rule Asgard,
    therefore felt obliged to stop him. After Odin
    and Surtur vanished at the end of this battle,
    Loki began his machinations to be named as the
    new ruler of Asgard. As part of his plans he
    magically transformed Thor into a frog, using
    power drawn from Surtur's abandoned sword. But
    Thor was returned to his normal form when the
    Asgardian Volstagg destroyed the engine
    draining power from the sword. Loki was unable
    to prevent the ascension of Balder to the
    Asgardian throne after Thor refused the throne

    However, Loki is continuing his quest for supreme
    power in Asgard. It has been said that should
    the time of Ragnarok, the destruction of the
    Asgardian gods ever come, Loki will lead the
    forces of evil against Asgard.

    Strength Level: Loki possesses the normal strength
    of an Asgardian male of his age, height, and
    build. He can lift (press) about 30 tons.

    Known Superhuman Powers: Loki possesses the
    conventional attributes of an Asgardian, as
    well as certain innate magical powers. Like all
    Asgardians, Loki is extremely long-lived
    (though not immortal like the Olympians),
    superhumanly strong, immune to all diseases,
    and resistant to conventional injury.
    (Asgardian flesh and bone is about 3 times
    denser than similar human tissue, contributing
    to the Asgardian's superhuman strength and
    weight.) His Asgardian metabolism gives him
    superhuman endurance in all physical

    Besides these physical abilities, Loki possesses a
    host of magical skills. Among these is his
    ability to transform his shape at will into
    those of other creatures. He has become such
    animals as a snake, eagle, mouse, and bee,
    gaining the basic natural abilities inherent in
    each form. While he can take on the likeness of
    another god, giant, or human, he will not
    necessarily gain the special physical or mental
    powers of the being he imitates. Loki can also
    transform external objects into other forms and
    substances by magic; for instance, he can turn
    clouds into dragons. He can also bring
    inanimate objects to life, or mystically imbue
    objects or beings with specific but temporary
    powers. He has, for example, augmented the
    might of such human criminals as the Cobra and
    Sandu. These magical effects remain only for as
    long as he maintains the spell that created

    Loki can project highly powerful concussive bolts
    of mystical energy. He can also create magical
    energy fields, which serve various purposes.
    With great concentration, Loki can create a
    field of sufficient resilience to repel Thor's
    enchanted hammer (though repeated blows would
    undoubtedly penetrate it) or physical objects
    such as large caliber projectiles. He can also
    surround objects in mystical energy to levitate
    them. He once lifted and supported an entire
    building off the ground for several minutes. He
    can also mystically levitate himself and
    thereby fly at great speed. As with his
    influence over matter, his magical energy feats
    only last as long as he maintains them.

    Loki also has a number of mental and extrasensory
    powers, which are analogous to psionic
    abilities. He can broadcast his thoughts into
    other minds as well as plant compelling
    hypnotic suggestions. These telepathic
    abilities do not appear to be limited by
    distance: Loki can even cast his thoughts
    across dimensions. Loki cannot, however,
    perceive the thoughts of others. He does have
    certain extrasensory powers of perception,
    however, enabling him to see and hear events in
    distant places simultaneous to their
    occurrence. He can also mentally project an
    image of himself, in a manner not unlike astral
    projection, through which he can communicate
    with beings in other places.

    Loki can also magically create rifts between
    dimensions, allowing him or other objects
    passage from one universe to another. Most
    often this rift is between Asgard and Earth.

    Loki also has a vast knowledge of spells, which he
    can use for many magical effects.

    Loki has used his magic to enable him to endure
    injuries with little or no effect which would
    kill another Asgardian. He has even been
    beheaded, and yet he continued to live,
    magically reattached his head to his body, and
    was in the same condition as he was in before
    the beheading.

    Weapons: Loki occasionally employs certain magical
    power objects, such as the Norn Stones or rare
    Asgardian herbs, to augment his own magical
    powers. These objects or substances are
    generally used to enhance his immediate
    personal strength or abilities, or to create a
    permanent magical transformation, such as that
    which gave the Absorbing Man his power. He once
    used the mystical sword of Surtur along with
    various equipment to transform Thor into a frog
    while Loki was in Asgard and Thor on Earth. The
    destruction of the engine drawing power from
    the sword caused Thor to return to his normal

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