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Tom Hils (darkenedhope) wrote,
@ 2003-01-30 07:36:00
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    Current mood:blah
    Current music:t.A.T.u : How Soon Is Now

    Well...its Sunday morning and I'd like to take this moment and look back to my wonderfully uneventful, Saturday. Well being me I stayed inside feeling Saturday would be a good day to be a hermit....And I was right. I lounged around randomly challenging my brother to dull, pointless duels in Robotech easily stomping him into the ground under the foot of my veritech...silly newb...Well, after those pointless duels I found time for food, movies, and occasionally porn. But whats new there, eh? Average 'keep to Tom day'. Well...right now I've snuck onto my brothers computer at 7:40am to write about am I bored, but anyways...I eventually convinced my brother to order a movie and let me use his computer, thankyou ppv!, So..On the computer I play a few rounds of TFC kill some people, get killed....get pissed...close brothers kazaa and screw it up..But I wasnt quite aware of closing it would be hazardous to my health at the was. Soon my brothers movie is over and next thing I know he comes stomping into the room, "*grunt* You Tom, me big, you off me on" okay..welll maybe I stretched the thruth just a little on what he said..but it sounded quite similiar to that. So I wandered into the kitchen and poured my sell a glass of orange jouice when suddenly, "TOM!!! DID YOU TURN OFF KAZAA!?" and my reply, "Erm, Kazaa?" *shrugs shoulders, "Nope...but I might've when you rushed me out?" (thud) and he responds, "RAR, *grunt* no more chance for you little one, me smash and lock computer you never go on RAR" (

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