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SecretLovers (darkendlovers) wrote,
@ 2004-05-30 13:46:00
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    Current mood:loved
    Current music:Evanescence - Anywhere

    I feel like i just died and went to heaven. I am floating in the air. HB came over to see me and just left. We spent the last 4 hours of this day talking about everything and nothing. But that last hour, that last moment of the 4 hours was by far the most amazing of my ever so lived life. We souls were so united with each other that i can still feel him inside me. The way he can make love to me without undressing me. He laid me back on my bed, softly brushed his fingertips over my body from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. Gently pressed his lips against mine and said "I love you". Put his hand over my eyes and closed them as he whispered in my ear "make love to me". Layed over me and wrapped my arms around his body as he held me close. Pressing himself against me and holding me so tight i could feel his heartbeat next to mine. Kissing my softly and whispering in my ear that he loves me and he needs me. I have never felt that intensity with anyone while still having every bit of clothing on me still. The way my heart was beating as i got more and more excited, the way he'd hold me tighter with every breath. God, if you can hear me now,if there really is a, God, i need him in my life more than ever. Nothing in this world could convince me now that it's not meant to be. I want to run outside and just scream to the top of my lungs "I LOVE YOU HB"!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have never felt so much love for anybody and i don't want to lose that, EVER.

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