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ShadowKing (dark_warrior) wrote,
@ 2008-09-07 14:28:00
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    Forbidden Love?
    It has been three weeks since the attack on Alex, since i and Alex together destroyed those two Vampires. I laid low for a bit after that, staying away from the University grounds, though it is a favored hunting spot for those fucking leeches, as i call Vampires. Been talking to my contacts too, some Mage buddies, and my Bonegnawer friends. Seems the Toreador, the artistic and hedonistic Vampires of the so called Vampire nation are making moves to make Art students into Ghouls, or Human slaves fed on Vampire blood, or into more vampires. Though no one seems to know why. Then again i have been fighting the fucks for nearly 15 years, i still can't figure out the bastards and their plots for what they do.

    Alex is feeling better, thankfully, got back into his art, painting his dark, yet strangly beautiful scenes and figures, he sold a few works of art to a couple of local galleries, recognized at an artshow at the University. I was there in the shadows to watch, and of course congratulate him, by making out with him in a gazebo that was hidden by high hedges and trees. And damn i must say his lips taste like honey wine, and his skin, so lovely in the moonlight, feels like soft silk. To touch him and kiss Alex is like feeling the Divine, being in Paradise. Our feelings have grown strong, we hangout everynow and then, at least once or twice a week, mainly on the weekends. Either when he goes to see his Hollow One friends or he and i go for walks on the wharf overlooking New Eden Bay, though always at night. He stayed with my cousin and her husband's place for a while, but Alex returned to living at his rented townhouse on campus, about a week ago, he got stronger locks for his doors, and even an alarm system on his windows. I setup the system myself, a skill i learned from my BoneGnawer buddies.

    I have even started to train Alex how to fight with knives and some basic martial arts moves. Incase i am not arround, he understands what i have to do, and he think adores me for it, i must admit my heart melts when i hold him, and we kiss. I feel safe with him, and he feels safe with me, i think i am feeling in love with him. Though in mortal society, Alex and I being lovers is still seen as wrong, to the Superantural side of things, well, its different, Alex's Hollow One friends have no issue with it, they like the fact that he has someone, and they think i am cool. As for Becca and Charles, they're quite open-minded, both being rather liberal. I have spoken to my Totem, Old Father, he has not condemed the feelings i have for Alex, but has told me that my feelings for Alex will bring dark forces against us. Old Father has told me to stand against those forces, and to see over Alex.
    It is a duty i shall carryout with all that i am, for i do find that i have found my soulmate.

    As for having children to perpetuate the Reborn Croatan, i shall do that as well, it is my duty to my Tribe to continue the line and keep the Tribe going. I will speak to Alex on this matter, that i would only mate with a woman to keep my people alive and the battle against the Wyrm going, but this is only out of love for Mother Gaia and my people, it will not be out of love for some woman. My heart it would seem is for Alex, which is fine with me. Next Month on the Fall Equinox i am to return to my peoples' Homeland, to the Reborn Croatans' land back in New Mexico, i cant take Alex with me, this is too important a moot to bring outsiders. Only Kinfolk and Garou of the tribe may go, the whole thing of course disguised as a Pow Wow, about 300 to 400 people are to attend, including all 60 of the Garou. It is here i will be given a choice to take for myself a mate to breed with, a human woman, as we Garou are forbidden to mate with another Garou. And I'll be damned if i am going to mate with a female wolf, as some Garou males do when they take the wolf or lupus form.

    Guess i am too homid or human-like in my heart when it comes to that, to love and sex, I told Alex about that practice once, about how Garou mate with Wolves, he laughed, i couldn't help but laugh with him about it too. He makes me laugh, Alex is such a sweet young man, so innocent for one who has such a gift, the ability to use True Magick, an awakened being, able to see the world as it is, not as the Forces of Reality make it look like. I have even stepped into the Near Umbra to see and speak with Alex's Avatar or Awakened Spiritual guide/teacher/protector, and his happens to be for all intent and purpose a feminine looking elven-like male with silver-blue hair, pale skin and deep blue eyes, dressed in gossemer deep blue robes, that shine with light of little stars and moonlight. The Avatar even speaks with a soft, whispering voice like Alex, and as i gazed upon both Alex's glorious and lovely spiritual self and his Avatar i wept, as if i had seen the greatest vision of beauty Mother Gaia and Great Father had ever made on all the world.

    I swore to Alex's Avatar i would protect him always, and that i would give my life to Alex if i had too, this made Alex's Avatar smile, and it kissed me on the cheek, and i felt such a great warmth through my body. I returned back to the world of the living and i kissed Alex deeply. We looked into each others eyes, it was a half moon out, when i took Alex, who was dressed in his simple, long, deep blue silk robe, into my arms and i carried him to his room in his house... (To be Countinued on the next journal entry)

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