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ShadowKing (dark_warrior) wrote,
@ 2008-09-05 13:06:00
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    On the Hunt
    Hunting Vampires is never an easy thing, its fucking hard at times, to go out each and every goddamn night, looking for these bloodsucking bastards. To search every shithole bar, nightclubs full of dumb, drugged out kids who have no idea what lurks in the night, to the River Island Parkway, where young lovers go to have sex or get a fix from the drug dealers, who at times are vampires, looking to get high off the blood of those humans that take the drugs. -Sighs- I do this every night, i hunt the Kindred as they call themselves, just another name for the Leeches, and their little social clubs.

    I sleep part of the day, usually in the basement of my kinfolk distant cousin's fairly nice townhouse about a mile from New Eden University. She's a good person, Rebecca, a descendent of the Croatan Tribe like me, but human, her and her Husband Charles, both know about me being a Garou, and they help me out. Both of them are professors at the University, Rebecca is a Professor of Native American Culture, Charles is a Linguist Professor, with Degrees in Archeology and Anthropology. They have one son, Michal, also Kinfolk, calls me Uncle K, can't quite say Khaine, he's only six. Not affraid of me neither, he thinks its cool, kids... So yeah i live down their, big basement too, with an attached garage and workshop, fairly cozy, can work on my combat skills, build weapons, work on my Harley Davidson Thunderhawk, my pride and joy. I listen to the radio, read the papers, a police scanner and search the web, my cousin Rebecca showed me how. I look for and listen for anything that's suspicious, that would sound like vampire activity.

    Rebecca and Charles help me out sometimes, if they hear a rumor or something on campus, they tell me, i tell them to watch their asses, and not to get involved. Rebecca gets mad sometimes, and reminds me of the Tribe's motto"The Great Father and Mother Gaia showed us mercy, so we could be reborn to show no mercy to the Wyrm." I sigh and i give her a hug, Charles does as well, even little Michal does. Its nice to have family, at one time, long ago, as a kid, i had none. But i can't help but think what would happen if the fucking Vampires or Black Spirals knew i was here. Thats why at times i go off to my second home, amongst the BoneGnawers, to one of their hideaways, good Garou all, i don't care what other tribes say. The Gnawers are good folk, and damn finer garou. Oh and yes the Black Spiral Dancers, those traitor fucks, Garou that turned to the Wyrm, i give them death too if i ever see one, fought a few in my time, nasty little shits. Course more then one has met their end on the end of my Klaives.

    Today i heard of several attacks and missing college kids at the university, sounds like vampires to me, maybe Black Spirals but there would be reports of property damage. Spirals love to break shit, especially if they join up with a pack of Sabbat, sick fucking vampires that lot, i hate them just as much as any bloodsucker. So tonight i went there, to the main quad of the Univerisity, big area too, about the size of five or six Football Fields, trees, stone paths, benches, statues and fountains, the usual, real nice. Lots of bushes too, and thankfully for me at least, places to hide and watch. Its Nine o'clock by my watch, an old 19th Century gold pocketwatch, family heirloom, it belong to my Father's GreatGranfather. Keeps perfect time, and its all i have left of my parents, fucking vampires, fucking spirals. I shake my head of that night out of my head, i crouch on a ledge, between a wall and a brick chimeny stack. In my Glabro form, beteen human and full Crinos-hybrid form. My senses sharp, i can hear heartbeats, smell perfumes, see like a hawk, even in the dark.

    Full moon too, good, on the nights of the full moon, i am stronger and faster, its my Auspice or Moonsign, the Moonphase i was born under as Ahroun, or Warrior. I peer across the well lit quad, i see a young human male, about 19 or 20, kinda tall, rather thin, pale skinned, long black hair, blue eyes, dressed in all black clothes, baggy pants, tee shirt, sleeveles vest, wearing some chain necklaces, an ankh, has earings in both his ears, can even see the ankh tattoo on his right wrist. I think vampire, so i look with my gifts of sight, nope human, but has an aura of magick about him, mage maybe, or simply gifted with magickal talent. Fairly bright one, full of life, which means a real meal for a vamp. Sick fuckers love to take the real live ones, make them last, then either turn these full of life kids into their pet ghouls, or human slaves, or into another vamp. Some just kill these lively ones say as way to piss off the Great Father and Mother Gaia.

    Sure enough, i see two vampires, lurking about, one a blonde female in her 20's could be a hundred for all i care, the other a male, dyed purple hair, both dressed like gang bangers, brujah maybe, or sabbat, don't care, to me these vamps are dead meat. I move fast, without sound across the quad as soon as they corner the human kid, who is scared shitless, but as i get there, and now in my full crinos from, lookin like a 10 and a half foot tall, green-grey scaled dragon on two legs, that kid does, well magick, at least some magick, he touches a the female vamp and burns her skin, with like this wierd ass blue-silver flame. She screams, good both are distracted, i with blinding speed tear into the male vamp, ripping him apart, tearing out his fucking ribcage, spine and intestines, crush his heart and rip his head off. The chick vamp tries to run, i leap on her back, she struggles, but with my sheer strength and size, i slam her into the ground, and i bite deep into her foul flesh. She yells in pain, as blood flows, juggular vein. I snap her her neck, ripping her head off, she ashes, turns to dust.

    Covered in ash, gore and blood, i find that young human male, knocked out cold, a slight nosebleed, but alive, and untouched, no bites. Looking at him, he seems so innocent, and full of life, even as he sleeps, and so small, about 5'9" 5'10", to my over 10 feet tall. I look arround, i hear noises, so i run, leaping over walls, running fast, ducking behind some old buildings, hiding, the boy still out. After a while of hiding, lurking, moving through the shadows, i get back to Rebecca's and Charles place, I shift back to human form, lay the young man on the bed, and i get cleaned up, and change into some new clothes. Becca and Charles are up, grading papers, i sit with them in the study, beer in hand, smoking, thankfully being teachers they relate, and smoke too. I told them about the attack, and the boy downstairs. Charles recognizes the boy, named Alex Hagan, a student of Charles in his Ancient History class. Lives in the Browden Dorm Building on Campus, smart kid, bit of a loner, one of those Emo/Goth kids.

    I mention the fact that Alex might be a mage or at least gifted, maybe an orphen mage of Hallow One. I tell Becca and Charles all look into it, and ask Charles to see if this kid has any folks or relatives. Charles nods, Becca being the softy she really is, gives me a kiss on the cheek, and calls me her big brother with a kind heart. Great Gaia how i hate it when she gets all mushy. I was just saving that kid from a fate worse then death, though deep inside, i don't know, just seemed like a nice kid, and with full of life and potential. Not deserving to be made a vamp's damn fastfood meal.

    Its the next day, the kid wakes up, its Saturday, Charles goes to see Alex, since he knows the boy, well tell Alex that he was attacked last night, and was brought here. I am off in the meantime checking with my Bonegnawer friends about meeting some Hallow Ones, to talk about this Alex kid. Sure enough a meeting is set up, and all it cost me was a carton of smokes and a couple of 24 packs of beer for my Gnawer friends. I meet this one Hallow One mage, a young punk, about 23, called himself Markus, he was the main dude of this gang of Hollow ones, called the Night Children. I come to their place, some rundown old victorian style house in East Downtown, about eight blocks from the Hallowed Hills Cemetary, a huge damn cemetary, with thousands of gravesites and Masuoluems, a virtual city of the Dead. A place known for high supernatual activity. But thats another story.
    So anyways i tell them about Alex, and what he did, and about the vampires. Well Markus and the others being Hollow Ones, know some about the world of Supernatual, though not much, they never seen a Garou much before, cept the Gnawers. They were kinda well on edge about me, but when i told them i saved Alex, they relaxed. Even offered me a beer and a smoke, hey who was i to refuse such hospitality.

    Seems Alex was their newest member, joined about a month ago, told me he was into art, and drew stuff, mostly in dark colors, blacks, deep greys, dark reds, real dark stuff, sometimes disturbing, but down right genius, at least thats what Lisa, Markus's girl said. They showed me his work, which was displayed in one room of the warehouse, saying this was Alex's studio for his art. I looked at it, and saw his work, there were abstract paintings of faces and scenes, some looked like that of vampires, or bane spirits, even and this struck me as real fucking wierd, a painting of me, holding a smaller more human figure. That one seemed a bit lighter or brighter then the rest. Did this Alex have visions, dreams of things to come? Maybe, i was one not to discount such things. I asked if Markus and Lisa knew if Alex had any family, they told me as far as they knew, he had none, cept the Night Children. So i left, thanking Markus and the others, i told them he was safe with friends of mine, and that once he was better i'd bring Alex to them. Before i left, Lisa gave me Alex's art kit box, a gift from Lisa, to Alex upon his joining the Night Children, and to tell Alex that his little sis Lisa missed him. Said that would help gain Alex's trust. I gave them a nod and left.

    I came home, it had been a long day already, Becca was in the kitchen, she told me that Charles spoke to Alex, and that the boy remembered bits and pieces, though he remembered clearly me tearing apart a vamp. And that Alex wanted to see me. So i gave Becca a kiss on the forehead, and said thanks, and went downstairs, Charles was still there with Alex, speaking to him, then as Alex saw me his eyes locked with mine, and he smiled some, Charles took his leave and went upstairs.

    I sat in a chair, close to Alex, and handed him the art box, and told him that his lil sis Lisa says hi, and that she and the rest of the gang missed you. Alex wept a little, a few tears fell, and in a sweet, almost angelic voice, soft, just above a whisper, he thanked me. And i must say, i was moved, there was just something about this young man, that well, moved my heart. Then what supprised me most, was he slid over to me, still a little weak, and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I was stunned to be sure, but, i found myself liking it, i caressed his face with my scaled hand, and he didn't cringe, he sort of well gave a slight moan of pleasure and happiness at my touch. And i said to him that he was welcomed, and for the first time in a long time i relaxed my guard. And we talked, looking at each other, smiling, laughing, i found out he had an Uncle , who was abusive, and treated Alex like dirt, his parents were dead, killed in a horrible car accident, when Alex was 5. And Alex had been put in bording schools most his life, though when he turned 18, he gained a fairly nice inheritance from his folks' trustfund. So he moved out, living on his own, going to school, painting his art, and met up with the Hollow Ones.

    Alex awakened to magehood when he was 14, after a fight with some kids in a bording school in London, beaten up, Alex healed up, a soft blue-silver glow forming over his body, at first Alex said he was scared, but then as the wounds and broken ribs were healed, Alex started to cry tears of joy, he was special, but didn't know why. He also started to have visions and strange dreams, and nightmares as well. He went from school to school, until he turned 18, coming back here, and it was at the University he met Markus and Lisa, they knew him for who he was, and he them, they took him in, taught him as best he could was to what a Mage was.

    All the time i heard this, all i wanted to do was protect this kid, this boy of 19, he was gifted with the power to heal, with visions, and it seemed the power to harm unnatural things like Vampires. I told Alex that he was truely blessed by Gaia and the Great Spirit. And i decided to tell him about what i was, though never revealed i was of the Reborn Croatan, that i could not share with anyone except those of my Tribe, Garou and Kinfolk. At least not yet, now was not the time.

    Time for dinner, Alex and i both were starving, we went upstairs to the small but nice dining hall, Becca had made her famous pot roast, we sat down, i gave a prayer to Mother Gaia and Great Father in the tongue of my people, and we ate, Alex sititng next to me, our knees touching under the table, Charles and Becca offered Alex the spare bedroom for as long as he wanted. Alex being very polite, accepted the offer. In my mind i was happy abou this, i don't know what i was feeling, but i am sure Alex was as will.

    Night came, Alex and the others went to sleep, i went on the hunt, another night to hunt all that seeks to prey upon the innocent...

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