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ShadowKing (dark_warrior) wrote,
@ 2008-09-03 22:30:00
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    My Home, My City
    The streets, the lights, the big highways with the constant traffic, day and night, this is New Eden, this is my home. Well my new home, i was orginally from Chicago, born and riased a native son, i'm use to the hum and life of big cities. And New Eden is no different, just bigger, way bigger, 20 million people live here amongst the huge damn skyscapers and vast urban sprawl. The Rich live in their fancy mansions, and the millions of poor live in shithole abandoned warehouses, flophouses, drughouses, and rundown appartment complexes. Somewhere in the middle is the socalled middleclass, who live in their cookiecutter suburban homes far from the urban sprawl.
    Hunting the poor, the rich and everyone in between are monsters, things from legend and nightmares. Vampires...yes Vampires, the bloodsucker, undead, immortal kind, who travel at night, and rule over the Humans, like cattle. Thats how the Vampires see Humans, and thats one of the things my kind, the Garou fight, Vampires.

    I and my kind are few, especially in the Cities, these are the playgrounds of the Vampires and their sick games of political struggles to keep Humans in their place. I have been here about a year now, i have hunted some of the Horrors in the Night, but there are many, and not just Vampires too roam the Night. There are the Black Spiral Dancers, a tribe of my kind that were lost and turned by the Wyrm, the Primal Force of Corruption and Ruin. There are others that serve this thing, this Wyrm, spirits, demons, even other Humans, and Humans that cast true magick, Mages. Sick, twisted fucks all of them, feasting upon the flesh of Humans and their souls. Each night the Wyrm goes a little stronger, and if it gets too strong, we are all fucked, end game.

    This happened to the ancestors of the Lost Croatan, those from whom the Reborn Croatan came, those few who survived the horror the Wyrm brought, it was the sacrifice of the Lost Croatan that stopped the Wyrm back in the 1600's. But now, there is more angst, more hate, more death, and far more corruption, and this feeds the Wyrm. It is the charge of all of us Garou to stop the Wyrm, and save Gaia, our Mother, the Earth. But the Garou are fractured, and fight, and grow fewer each generation, we must stay strong or all is lost.

    I have been destined to bring back the tribes, and to unite them, or die trying. Mother Gaia and Great Father showed the Croatan mercy, so we the Reborn Croatan shall show no mercy to the Wyrm!

    For Gaia!

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