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ShadowKing (dark_warrior) wrote,
@ 2008-09-02 23:30:00
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    New storyline and prologue
    Ok people new start, new prespective, So here goes anew, still stcking with Khaine, cause he is my best character ever, a total badass, and to give you a better idea of what he is, in his hybrid crinos form he stands 10'6", weighs 1200 pounds all muscle, has green-grey reptilian scales, a long tail, clawed feet and hands, an elongated snout, much like a dragon's, filled with sharp teeth, four curved-back horns, fairly long pointed ears, a ridge of spiny plates along the top of his head running down his back and tail. Oh and one last thing Khaine, no matter what form he is in, he has Golden-Yellow eyes, with black, almond-shaped pupils.

    He is dressed in black, and very loose cargo pants, a long, black loincloth over the pants, a black/grey armored vest with a shoulder guard plate over his right shoulder, held in place by a thick, wide belt slung over his chest. And to hold his single klaive, and his two glock 17 heavy pistols in place, Khaine wears a thick wide belt on his waist. And in keeping with his tribe's traditions he also wears a shroud or shawl over his head, also black to mourn the death of the Old Croatan Tribe, and to mourn the ravaging of Mother Gaia, or Mother Earth, who is Mother of all Garou, or Werewolves. This of course gives strength to Khaine in his quest to destroy all minions of the Wyrm, the true force of all Ruin, Destruction, Hatred, Genocide, and Oblivion.

    Khaine was orphened at the age of 13, his parents, who were Kinfolk or humans of the Reborn Croatan, who knew of Khaine's true Garou nature, were slaughtered by a pack of Black Spiral Dancers, evil Garou twisted and lost to the Wyrm, and a Sabbat Vampire, a darkhaired female vampire with blue eyes and pale skin. he killed two BlackSpirals and injured the Sabbat vampire before running away. Where upon he found some BoneGnawers, hobo, street dwelling Garou, in the Trainyards of south Chicago, all back in 1989. They Bonegnawers seeing him as Garou, hid the young Khaine away. Helped him out best they could, he spent three months with the BoneGnawers, until they got him to some Silent Striders, Nomadic Garou from Egypt. Knowing through the contacting of Reborn Croatan ancestor spirits, Khaine was directed west, to New Mexico, the Black Range Mountains in the SouthWest of the State. Once there, he found the Naukun'Tsi or Wanderers as they called themselves, on a small reservation on the Southeast ridge of Black Peak. Here at last, Khaine found his people the Reborn Croatan.

    Now the Reborn Croatan, were descended of the Lost Tribe of the Croatan, a tribe of Garou and Human Kinfolk, thought destroyed along with the English Colony of Roanoke back in the 17th Century, by the Eater of Souls, a powerful Manifestation of the Wyrm. But not all were destroyed, Three Kinfolk, two Croatan Garou and four English Colonists escaped west, guided by The Great Spirit and Mother Gaia, to this hidden Canyon in the shadow of the Black Peak, the Black Range Mountains of New Mexico. These eight survivors, three men and five women, including one female Garou and one male Garou, started a new tribe, taking in lost travelers and Native Indians who were survivors of their own tribes or those who were banished. The tribe slowly grew larger, and incorperated the languages of the others, and named themselves the Naukun'Tsi, or Wanderers. And after over 300 years, the Reborn Croatan are back to bring no Mercy to the Wyrm and its Minions.

    Khaine is one of the warriors or Ahroun of the Reborn Croatan, trained in their ways, and sent on a quest to destroy the Wyrm piece by piece. He has come to New Eden, a city of my creation, set upon what is known as Akimiski Island, which is located in the lower southern part of Hudson Bay, and island some 60 miles long and 20 miles wide. Two-thirds of which is covered in a massive urban megapolis of 20 million people. There is but one bridge to the mainland, 20 miles away, and of course being such a large city, it is its own City-State, a member state of the United States of North America, formed from the three nations of North America, the United States, Mexico and Canada. Which became one big pan-american nation in 1947, mainly to counter the Soviet Union, which in my timeline still exists. The year is 2010 and now i welcome you to New Eden, and all the darkness this urban paradise of angst and corruption has to offer.

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