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Joshua (dark_machine) wrote,
@ 2004-01-29 05:21:00
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    Current music:ultraviolence - psycho drama

    i've not written in here in ages. i guess nothing's been bothering much to write. *shrugs.*

    i've been hanging out with vato a lot lately. he's gotten me back into A Perfect Circle. of course, he listens to Thirteenth Step religously. tonight, we ended up playing uno for like 5 hours. that was fun. we don't play cards nearly enough. was a nice change. it's always nice to find different people to play cards with. last time i played cards was with neil and company. those fools fight too much when it comes to cards. they've too big of egos or something. unheated games rock. it's nice to have fun like you're suppose to . bastards.

    i was going through this binder of burnt cds a little bit ago. i forgot about a lot of this shit. ultraviolence, :wumpscut:, suicide commando, mitch hedberg, eddie izzard, baseck, etc. good fuckin' shit, yo. i've a bunch of shit that needs burnt on my d drive. then i'm formatting that bitch. yo, word.

    i finally bought Pulp Fiction. i fuggin' love that film. i've seen it loads of times, but the dvd is much better than the vhs version i kept renting. w00t! now if only i could find Jackie Brown. everytime i'm in a store they don't have it. i was surprised that i actually found Reservoir Dogs. i was expecting it to be harder to find than JB. *shrugs.*


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