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amanda (dark_expression) wrote,
@ 2003-03-17 21:03:00
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    Current mood:angry
    Current music:linkin park- pushing me away

    people suk!!!
    i hate when people think they know what im thinking and dont beleive me when i tell them the truth. just because im quiet they think that they can read me openly with no trouble. mari is so far. she is my best friend but she doesnt know me. she doesnt know what im thinking or feeling. she has no idea what ive gone thru and what im going thru!! people fuckin piss me off!!! when she talks to people about me and asks advice about something she explains me as such a narrow minded person and such a fuckin idiot!! im just so tired of this shit. im tired of holding everything back from people because they dont want to listen. but when im not there for somebody, they get fucken mad. where were you?? its always some excuse. i just wanna get outta here. leave everything and everyone. maris always saying to people that she thinks that i think she likes me. whatever!! i dont care anymore. that was soo fuckin old and that is the last thing on my mind. im just sick and tired of getting walked on. everyone always expects me to give in and do favors because im so nice and i cant say no. well fuck that!! i wish i had my family back

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