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Carly (dancesinshadows) wrote,
@ 2003-08-09 23:27:00
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    Current mood: groggy

    Bad Day
    Ok, today was one of those super bad days where you wish you'd never gotten out of bed. Although it didn't start out bad. I slept in until 11:00am, and it was GREAT. I heart sleep!

    Then I went to the barn to play with Donnie horse. He's been doing exceptionally well these past few days and I haven't even been carrying the whip to keep him moving. (Donnie must be the laziest horse I've ever set eyes upon. He's a baby and he doesn't even play! I've never seen him lope, gallop, buck, or rear. He rolls and stands around, then rolls some more.) I worked on teaching him to ground tie as well, and I finally got a good grooming on him. But that was the only good part of my day.

    I was on my way to work when I must have run something over because I heard a sudden 'whooshing' noise. I'd popped one of my tires. So I thought 'Good, I'm going to be late for work' and looked for my cell phone to call my dad. Then I realized I'd forgotten my cell phone. Luckily I'd broken down infront of a store and they let me use their phone. I tried calling my dad. No luck, Kate was probably on the computer. Then I had to call work, but of course by then I was all upset and tearing like the girl I am. I couldn't remember my own work number and had to use the phone book. One of the young guys working there offered to help me fix my flat, but I couldn't find the jack. Finally I called Mom Mom and she came to pick me up and took me to work, only ten minutes late. Then I sat on register from 3-11, which completely fries my brain. But overall, it wasn't *that* bad, so I'm not really upset, rather groggy and fuddled. Hopefully it'll get better tommorrow. I need some sleep...

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