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Fitz (dammit10586) wrote,
@ 2003-09-23 18:00:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:Overseer - Supermoves

    Live the REVOLUTION
    Live the revolution! Fight the power! Desvieste sus pantalones y chaqueta! My school has outlawed pocket knives and chains. OK, pocket knives I understand. There's major stabbage potential there. But a chain? A chain that connects your wallet to your pants is illegal? The fascism must end! They claim it's a deadly weapon, and needn't be carried in school. ANYTHING IS A FUCKING WEAPON! My pants are a weapon. I could take them off and choke you. I could pull the hairs off your arm with the teeth of the zipper. My belt is a weapon. My shoe is a bludgeon. My pen is a deadly throwing/stabbing device. The school ring is a brass knuckle. A book is a papercut factory and just as easily a club. It's when you start believing these things are weapons that the terrorists have won.

    Random/Inane thoughts of the day: What if the bible is really an ancient comic book? I call the crucifix a "Jesus Stick." Wouldn't it be great if the Jesus Stick was really a jetpack, and after they put him on it he'd be all "SUCKERS!!!" and fly away? These messages brought to you by myself and Will Hehir.

    We searched. Myself and Will searched high and low for the one they call Rogener. Actually, we just sort of stood in the locker room and yelled at freshmen asking if they were John. No luck.

    Yeah, I aint auditioning for Guys and Dolls. One, Regis plays suck. Two, the people suck. I can't stand actors who do nothing but act in ONE way/sexual orientation, because some people think it's funny. Because a person portrays a role in a homosexual manner, this is supposed to be comedic or entertaining? More than 75% percent of the regular actors of Regis productions are underclassmen who portray every character they're assigned in this manner, and for what? Because that's all they know? Because that's the only way they can get a laugh? That's disgusting. THAT is how ugly stereotypes get formed. It sickens me that some people exploit sexual orientation to gain higher status as an actor. Real actors don't need to portray roles a certain way for guaranteed recognition. Real actors find their own way to MAKE a part work. I do the Marymount plays because I actually have fun doing them. The people there aren't shallow, or conceited. For that reason, I can only hope Rita P comes to her senses and does "The Seagull" co-ed. VIVA LA REVOLUCION

    Go me. I work in a hospital now. I work in the Physical Therapy department. Half of the time I just play with a ball, because nobody's using the rehab gym. How's that for Christian Service? I will say that I enjoy working in a hospital, and am now considering it as a future, but...not as a physical therapist. Kinda dull, if you ask me.

    -Dawson's Creek wannabees (it's a parody)
    -The girl who falls for the slickest, luckiest guy in the world
    -Amazed girl #1
    -Amazed girl #2
    -Cold ass-kicking bitch
    -Creepy chick in hallucinations
    -Britney Spears
    -30's Nightclub Vixen
    -Street girl
    -Braniac girl
    -Wild outcast girl
    -Voice of Old Woman
    -Nervous Woman 1 or 2
    -Uncertain girl
    -Disoriented girl
    -Seducing girl
    -Girl with no lines
    -Cute innocent girl
    -Another ass kicking bitch
    -Scientist girl
    -Girl tragically in love

    Kevin "There will never be enough dead baby jokes" Fitz

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