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Dalena (dalenasrealm) wrote,
@ 2006-11-29 22:22:00
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    Without his help
    It's been 15 days since my boyfriend broke up with me, and I'm finally starting to realize that maybe it was a good thing. To start with, he's 17 years older than me, but I thought that didn't matter. Well, I guess it did to him, or at least that's the main reason that he gave me when he told me that it was off. Well, it's been taking me a while to come to terms with the whole break-up thing because I was pretty attached-which is dumb, because I should have known that it wasn't going to last forever (mainly because of the age thing, and because my parents didn't approve of any part of the relationship.) Well, tonight I called him just to talk for a few minutes, because I was bored, and I really have no close friends up here, so really, he's about the only person that I'm really close to (well, that should be past tense, because I know he's over it-I'm pretty sure that he's basically forgotten about me, except as a casual acquaintance.) Well, when he heard that I'm planning on just working for a while and then doing community college instead of going to university he pretty much spazzed, and went into this big rant about what a bad idea that was because
    a: community college is so much less than university
    b: who would ever want to hire me
    c: I'd be making so much less money
    d: I'm pretty much throwing my life away and setting myself up for a third class existence
    e: I'm so young, so why would I choose to not go to university? after all "four years is nothing at your age"
    Why am I even stressing out about this? I mean, he's old and set in his ways, and very distinct ideas about how the world works. He's actually very cynical, which I am now starting to realize. He thinks life is all about getting the best education you can and making as much money as you can. I tried to convince him that maybe some people have a different opinion, but he couldn't hear me past the roar of his practicality speaking.

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