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krystal (czangel) wrote,
@ 2003-08-01 18:04:00
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    Current mood: angry

    I just understand what I'm supposed to do. I did what I could to avoid this situation again at all costs. Instead , everything that I feared in the past is beginning to rear it's ugly head again.

    I have lost several friends over "guy" issues. I ended up hating this girl that I was at one point very close friends with because she went behind my back to try and snag J* ( who would late become my first serious boyfriend ) from my clutches. I stopped speaking to Janine , who was honestly one of my closest friends freshman year because she not only actively pursued this guy hat I had a crush on all year , but she lied to me about hanging out with him and dating him.

    Now one of my closest friends , Nicky , is trying to be all over Eric. She isn't. It's not working - he doesn't want any part of her , or , as he says , " I wouldn't hit that with a Mack truck ". Honestly , I'm torn. She's an awesome girl - when she isn't trying to hump every guy in sight. Thank god that Jordan was there to see how she was acting - I worry that I'm going to become "that jealous girlfriend".

    On Tuesday , we ( by "we" , I mean Jordan , Eric , Chrissy , Mari - Jess - Devon ( three girls that Eric knew from school ) and Nicole and I ) went to the bookstore and then to Perkins. Nickie bought the Kama Sutra - and felt the need to show all of us. She then made several inappropriate comments about my boyfriend's ability to bend into the positions. Jordan saved me by saying , " Maybe Krystal and Eric could do those things together. They are both pretty small people ," which shut her up ( Nickie isn't exactly small ) , at least for the time being.

    She knows that we're abstaining , and still felt the need to do that. BITCH!

    It only got worse - she kept trying to touch him at the restaurant and threw an occasional innuendo in the conversation. My stress limit went through the roof when she said , "I loooooove your boyfriend" ( I apologize for the excessive "o" ' s - she stressed it that way when she said it ). Jordan snapped at her. I screamed ," No!" and he looked a bit ill. Grrr!

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