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TIM (tim-ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (cynicalsoul) wrote,
@ 2003-08-17 19:40:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:none

    and yet another survey (cuz im bored and i want to stay that way so time will slowly pass me over)

    name: Tim
    nicknames: Timmy, Timm-ah!!!!!!!!, and uh timbo(not by choice)(dan)
    birthday:may 28 1986
    place of birth:irving tx
    current residence:duncanville tx
    hair color:black w/blond tips
    writing hand:right no other

    body ills+skills-

    do yo bite your nails?hell yes all the time sometimes till they bleed
    can u roll your toung?very well^_^
    can u raise one eyebrow at a time?no it scares me
    can u blow smoke rings?since i hate smoking no NO HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    can u make spit bubbles?hell yes i can
    colored hair?many times alwayes blond once red
    tattos and piercings?no tats/ two earrings 1 in each ear
    do you make your bed daily?hell no who does
    which shoe goes on first?right
    speaking of shoes have you thrown one at someone?yessum
    how much money is usually in your wallet?i dont care for money but i always have at least 100 (usually to give away)
    what jewelry do u wear?2 earrings and a silver necklace
    what is sexiest on a guy?if i had to say i guess same as girls the eyes
    what is sexiest on a girl?eyes definately eyes
    would you rather be on time and look ok or be late and look great?neither im never on time and never look great
    do u swirl your spaghetti or twirl it?i hate spaghetti
    how many cereals are in your cabinet?lucky charms mmmmmmmm^_^
    what utensils do u use to eat pizza?hands always hands
    do u cook?


    how often do u brush your teeth?twice a day
    how often do u shower or bathe?mornings
    how long do these showers last?20 mins to an hr i lurve showers
    hair drying meathod?air dry
    do you paint your nails?not paint color black with a sharpie (sometimes)
    do u swear?like a sailor (im so naughty)
    do u mumble to yourself?no!!!!!!!!!!!!! i talk to myself
    do u spit in public?no gross
    do u pee in the shower?dosnt that defeat the purpous of a shower
    in the cd player?audioslave now
    person you talk most on the phone with?used to be jordan now bryan i guess
    what color is your bedroom?black and i love it
    do you use an alarm clock? mom lol
    name 4 things or people your obsessed with?dragon ball z, drawing, scary movies and my friend jordan hee hee
    have u ever skinny dipped with the opposite sex?no never
    have you ever sunbathed nude?how can u even suggest such a thing the sun is like slow suicide
    window seat or aisle? neither humand werent ment to fly
    what is your sleeping position?back o stomach
    what type of bead do you like? anything soft
    in hot weather do u use a blanket?no never
    do u snore?i dont know
    do u sleepwalk? no
    do u talk when u sleep? only to freddy he's my pal
    how about the light on? (hissssssssssssssssssssss)
    do u fall aslep with the tv or radio on?radio always tv rarely


    had sex?personal srry guys
    were kissed or kissed by someone(family don't count)?two weks ago
    watched bambi?oooh forever ago when i was pure in the before time in the long long ago(southpark)
    cried?2 minutes ago
    talked on the phone?3 hrs ago to bryan
    punched someone?i can't remember
    where do you see yourself in ten years?dead
    who r u gonna be maried to and where?gotta find someone first (no luck yet)
    how many kids do you want to have?i want 2 but it'll never happen*sigh*
    your profession?anime cartoonist
    future school?art institue of dallas
    is music important to u?nah
    do u sing?when no one can hear me
    what instroment do u play?keyboard
    what do u think of eminem?he's a homo bitch
    in your opinion what band is the best of all time?linkin park (grosss) no really system of a down or deftones)

    DO U LIKE-

    pop music?no.......well t.a.t.u.
    rock music?all i listen to
    punk music?nah
    rap music?no no no no hell no
    indie rock?no

    I HURT: and it helps me write and draw.
    I LOVE: in secret.
    I HATE: too much.
    I FEAR: too many things.
    I HOPE: for something more.
    I FEEL: so many things.
    I HIDE: my anger and pain.
    I DRIVE: myself crazy.
    I MISS: everyone I've lost.
    I LEARNED: a lot, but not enough.
    I NEED: divine inspiration.
    I THINK: all the time.

    current clothes?jeans and a black shirt
    current mood?depressed sad stessed and nervouse
    current music?none .............ahhh silence
    current taste?air
    current hair?short and black with blond tips
    current annoyance?school and the time
    current smell?burning flesh
    thing i should be doing?geting ready for school
    curent desktop picture?freddy vs. jason movie poster
    current refresment?good old water
    curent worry?that i will die soon

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