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Broken reflection (cutmedeadly) wrote,
@ 2006-07-22 12:26:00
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    [] You have a boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance/ husband/wife
    [x] You have your own room.
    [x] You own/had a cellphone.
    [x] You have an ipod/ mp3 player.
    [x] Your parents are still married.
    [x] You have 2 or more best friends.
    [x]There is a pool in your backyard
    T OT A L: 6

    [x] You dress how you want to.
    [x] There is a computer/ laptop in your room.
    [x] You have never been beaten up.
    [x] You don't cry more than twice a month
    [x] You are allowed to listen to the music you want to.
    [ ] Your room is big enough for you.
    [x] People don't use you for something you have.
    [x] You have been to a concert.
    T 0 T A L: 7

    [] You have over 50 friends on myspace
    [x] You have pictures on myspace.
    [x] You get allowance or get money whenever you ask for it.
    [ ] You collect something normal.
    [x] You look forward to going to school.
    [x] You don't wish you were someone else.
    [x] You play a sport.
    [x] You do something after school.
    T 0 T A L: 6

    [x] You own a car/truck.
    [ ] You usually don't fight with your parent(s).
    [ ] You are happy with your appearance.
    [x] You have never got a failing grade on a report card in your life
    [x] You have friends
    T 0 T A L: 3

    [x] You know what is going on in the world.
    [x] You care about so many people.
    [x] You are happy with your life
    [x] You usually aren't sick.
    [x] You know more than one language
    [x] You have a screen name.
    [x] You own a pet.
    [x] You know the words to more than 5 songs.
    [] You dont have any enemies
    [] You are happy where your living.
    T O T A L: 8

    times it by 3

    101- 120: A+
    100-93%: A
    92-85%: B
    84-77%: C
    76-70%: D
    69-00%: F

    90 B. yay!

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