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customcap4 (customcap4) wrote,
@ 2012-05-23 08:35:00
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    The fibre number attainability 0.3dpf
    The fibre number attainability 0.3dpf, of this machine process fibre can increase the special device according to the requirement of user , and making equipment possess the characteristic of process ammonia black silk ribbon design and colour silk Using the hot chest of high temperature of special design to possess save energy falls the characteristic that consumes . Does not have a macro source of tin to spin the adding the actual strength that the bullet machine prototype of a machine will be shown the corporation more further of machine joint-stock company .embroidery digitizing

    Assembles friend's chemical industry technology limited company will by way of the picture and the reflection exhibition they grinds and possesses the intellectual property dependent and possesses that the save energy falls that the polyester that consumes the characteristic gets together the engineering technology . As the people the mechanical manufacturing limited company of Dai Biao Shanghai Jin Wei's chemical fiber of battalion enterprise this brings 1500 ingot-shaped tablets of his development newly to grow entirely automatic exchanges tin high velocity coiling machine and the heat drafts the roller , and the high efficiency spun that system difference chemical fiber dimension usefulness compound spins the package and possesses melts the fine parts of stud geometric ratio of homogenization and corporation the most most new technology and service concept . chalk boards

    Spinning on the machine exhibition at this , multitudinous concentrated manufacturer of chemical fiber machinery join an exhibition one after another , small arriving magnetism spare and spurt a board , and big to the drying tower and in advance filter . Concentrated part of chemical fiber has ground that the entire standard also to have promoted chemical fiber machinery raises greatly . baseball caps

    The scientific research courtyard place is with platform sports The chemical fiber complete sets of equipment production subsidiary companys of China spinning and weaving scientific research courtyard : Spinning the refined industry mechanical and electrical equipment limited company in Beijing in beautiful system machine chemical fiber engineering technology limited company and Beijing will show recent years for spectator spins in the family and one kind of compact mould and modularization PP-CF of industry hardworking ability fibre requirement and reserch and development spins the equipment leading along in order to suit .fitted hats

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