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customcap3 (customcap3) wrote,
@ 2012-05-23 08:33:00
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    The large-scale group weight fist is sallied .
    embroidery digitizing

    Switzerland reaches the filature equipment that the corporation put on display except winding up machine and industry silk spinning machine immediately , and still has drafting a branchery silk machine and directly becomes strip machine , Hua Shi's twisting frame and other and twists the machine . This what precisely machinery corporation and German Ma Er of Britain measures that the system limited company all will appear their pump product newly . chalk boards

    Having statistics display , to have in the chemical fiber production capacity during our country " 15 " in part is haveing a foothold somewhere in internal production necessaryly , and many chemical fiber filature complete sets of equipment are realized made in our countryization . The popularization of made in our country chemical fiber equipment has promoted the huge development of chemical fiber production , and gives including that the multitudinous chemical fiber enterprises that the people sought the enterprise have provided the chance participating in the competition , for the high starting point of chemical fiber enterprise and the low input and development of high-capacity construction item has created the condition .baseball caps

    International advanced chemical fiber equipment has raised the product quality , but also the at the same time has promoted the technology standard of mechanical manufacturing industry of internal chemical fiber not only being joined having made up the shortcoming of some made in our country equipment . Current exhibition just meets " National day five " what plan the first year , the equipment manufacturing enterprise has all sent the big and powerful battle array joining an exhibition , close to phase grinds the new equipment appears to industry circle one after another , for our country the development of chemical fiber industry brings the vigour newly . The large-scale group weight fist is sallied .fitted hats

    The Zhengzhou share of the middle machine spinning group subordinate will open out his and newly develop the successful emphatic item of nation : 50 thousand tons of models of terylene short-staple complete sets of equipment Nian Chan , user can by way of this model entire dispositions thoroughly understanding Nian Chan's short fine complete sets of equipment of 50 thousand tons of terylene directly perceived and the equipment characteristic , technical transformation and production for the enterprise expand that the appearance does the good equipment mould the selecting preparation and works .

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