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satisfaction through your intoxication (curseconcrete) wrote,
@ 2005-02-19 20:15:00
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    Current mood:complacent
    Current music:Jersey - Story of 53

    WU HAAAA!!!
    There comes a time in ones life when we approach the point of growing up. This point is more prevalent now then ever before. We try to avoid it, we try to cheat it, but it never works out in our favor. Life always manages to sneak up on us. It seems like yesterday when we were at the Main & Transit fire hall seeing Strife and Mouthpiece, you bought the By The Grace Of God record on vinyl. I always thought you hated me, we never spoke to each other in the past, yet we knew the same people it never really made sense to me. You drove Conway and myself home that night and we started an amazing friendship.

    Wednesday nights at Howdee's were insane, we had the best crew out of anyone. Myself, you, Walker, Mich, Boom Boom, DJ Adam, and sometimes Taylor and Piljay all ripping it up. Although I never officially joined in on any of the FPC activities I still considered myself a member by default.

    Who would have thought that all of us would be living together under one roof one day. 425? What happens in 425 stays in 425. The insane parties we threw, the nights when Sprigg would become restless and convince us all to go out in the neighborhood and cause trouble, and the times when we would wake up on Sundays at kickoff, order pizza and lounge around in our jammies while watching our beloved Bills.

    The days of the 795 will live in my memory forever. Superbowl parties, numerous nights spent on the "WU TON ", and the countless times I've heard the word not it. If the walls could talk in that place man oh man.

    From the days of DC connections to Afterdark Entertainment I've supported you no matter what, I've always offered my best advice whenever you asked. Look at where it's carrying you now. I'm proud of you, and I encourage you to further your career, even if it means we have to break up the crew. I know I will never forget any of the times we've had and I look forward to the days when you call me and tell me you're getting married, and when you have your first kid, I want to get that call in the middle of the day or night and hear all about it, and I promise you that I will do the same. I wish you luck buddy, and I hope we don't forget about each other and let life get in the way of being friends.

    " We'll go to the bottom of every bottle
    The end of theline on every story
    Those times we miss, those times we reminisce
    Those were the good old days
    I hold in heart and cherish. Never forget "

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