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Claire (cuppycake33) wrote,
@ 2003-05-05 12:33:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:hehe no im in school =/

    happie happie joy joy!!
    Hey ya'll whats up? el nada lol My town sucks!! but I Love Skeery Jones!!! muahz! lol he's a great guy, works at z100, New York's Number 1 Hit Music Station!!! i listen to'em every morning, and all in the afternoon when im home, and every single night all night while sleeping! And i was talking to Skeery online for just a few minutes and he said the sweetest thing to me! and he made me feel good i smiled!

    He seems like a cool guy, i'd love to meet him, and elvis and everyone else from z100! Hopefully when i'm in college they'll accept me as an intern, cause it would be so much fun! And a good learning experience..

    I miss my boy!!! lol
    Anthony- Tight like a Tiger!!! hah it was so funnie cause my friend Anthony comes up to me and goes Look at your pants! your tight like a tiger!! oo its fun

    Okie dokie, hehe Cj's mommy says that and he thinks its cute when i say it she's my mom-in-law, i love her, and his dad! they're the sweetest people!

    Hey you know what really sucks? my cousin was grounded till like June for getting an 83 in Spanish!! my parents would never ground me like that, if i try my hardest, then mom thinks that my uncle is being abusive my grounding them like that...i dunno theres more to it, and it is pretty mean..

    Yesterday I asked this kid Daniel if he'd go to my wedding he said no lol i thought thank god, cause i really wouldnt invite him, for christ sake, i used to kinda date him...and me and the hubby (Cj) really dont like him much cause there was this semester/chapter where he like was in love with me but i broke up with him and yeah it got scary....creepy...i would never invite him because CJ would probably be miserable, and im sure hed say something mean and stupid to me to ruin our day, id be an idiot to invite him!

    but then i asked my BOYYYYY Phil if he'd go and he said naturally! yay!! hes an awesome guy, and is in love with Danielle and i think they'll end up getting married, wait and see okie?! alright

    E-mail me Skeery at

    I love my hubby! <3 muah Cj

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